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Python web book docgen for Patchouli and Hex Casting.

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A Jinja-based documentation generator for Patchouli books.

This is the library that powers Hex Casting's web book.

IMPORTANT: Version incompatibilities

There are issues related to installing hexdoc with the following dependency versions:

hexdoc is known to work with Python 3.11 and Node.js 18.


See hexdoc-hexcasting-template for instructions to set up a hexdoc plugin for a pre-existing Hex Casting addon.



git submodule update --init

python3.11 -m venv venv

.\venv\Scripts\activate   # Windows
. venv/bin/  # fish
source venv/bin/activate  # everything else

pip install -e .[dev]
pre-commit install


For local testing, create a file called .env in the repo root following this template:


Useful commands:

# show help
hexdoc -h

# serve hexdoc resources locally
# this is useful if serving other books locally that depend on hexdoc resources
nodemon --exec "hexdoc serve --port 8001 --no-merge"

# render and serve the Hex Casting web book in watch mode

# start the Python interpreter with some extra local variables
hexdoc repl

# run tests
pytest  # fast, skips Cookiecutter
nox  # slow, full test suite in an isolated venv
nox --no-install  # after the first Nox run, use this to skip reinstalling everything

# update test snapshots (only running sessions with the tag "test")
nox -t test -- --snapshot-update

# run hexdoc commands in an isolated environment to ensure it works on its own
nox -s hexdoc -- build
nox -s hexdoc -- repl

# set up a dummy book for local testing
nox -s dummy_setup
nox -s dummy_serve

nox -s dummy_hexdoc -- build

nox -s dummy_clean


hexdoc powered by hexdoc



[![powered by hexdoc](](


<a href=""><img src="" alt="hexdoc" style="max-width:100%;"></a>

<a href=""><img src="" alt="powered by hexdoc" style="max-width:100%;"></a>


.. image::
    :alt: hexdoc

.. image::
    :alt: powered by hexdoc

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