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Flexible evolution of Mercurial history.

Project description

Evolve Extension

This package supplies the evolve extension for Mercurial,

The full implementation of the changeset evolution concept is still in progress. Please subscribe to the evolve-testers mailing list to stay up to date with changes.

This extension:

  • enables the “changeset evolution” feature of Mercurial core,

  • provides a set of commands to mutate your history,

  • issues several warning messages when troubles from some mutable appears in your repository,

  • provides an hg evolve command to deal with such “troubles”,

  • improves performance of obsolescence marker exchanges and discovery during push and pull.


We recommend reading the documentation first. An online version is available here:

How to Install

Using Pip

You can install the latest evolution version usin pip:

$ pip install --user hg-evolve

Then just enable it in you hgrc:

$ hg config --edit # adds the two line below:
evolve =

From Source

To install a local version from source:

$ hg clone
$ cd evolve
$ pip install --user .

Then just enable it in you hgrc:

$ hg config --edit # adds the two line below:
evolve =

Documentation lives in doc/.

Server Only Setup

It is possible to enable a smaller subset of the extensions aimed at server serving repository. It skips the additions of the new commands and local UI messages that might add performance overheads. To use the server only extension, install the package and use:

$ hg config --edit # adds the two line below:
evolve.serveronly =

How to Contribute

Bugs are to be reported on the mercurial’s bug tracker (component: evolution):

Please use the patchbomb extension to send email to mercurial devel. Please make sure to use the evolve-ext flag when doing so. You can use a command like this:

$ hg email --to --flag evolve-ext --rev '<your patches>'

For guidelines on the patch description, see the official Mercurial guideline.

Please don’t forget to update and run the tests when you fix a bug or add a feature. To run the tests, you need a working copy of Mercurial, say in $HGSRC:

$ cd tests
$ python $HGSRC/tests/

Branch policy

The evolve test are highly impacted by changes in core. To deal with this, we use named branches.

There are two main branches: “stable” and “default”. Tests on these branch are supposed to pass with the corresponding “default” and “stable” branch from core Mercurial. The documentation is built from the tip of stable.

In addition, we have compatibility branches to check tests on older version of Mercurial. They are the “mercurial-x.y” branches. They are used to apply expected test change only, no code change should happen there.

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