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A set of useful hooks for Mercurial

Project description


hghooks is a simple module that adds several useful hooks for use in Mercurial hooks system.

Right now it includes hooks for:

  • pep8 checking of python files

  • pyflakes checking of python files

  • jslint checking of javascript files

  • checking for forgotten pdb statements in python files

  • Trac integration. This includes: - Making sure at least a ticket is mentioned in the changeset message - Updating the Trac ticket with the changeset



hghooks is distributed as a Python egg so is quite easy to install. You just need to type the following command:

easy_install hghooks

And Easy Install will go to the Cheeseshop and grab the last hghooks for you. It will also install it for you at no extra cost :-)


To use one of the hooks provided by this package edit your hgrc file of your Mercurial repository and add these lines:

pretxncommit.pep8 = python:hghooks.code.pep8hook
pretxncommit.pyflakes = python:hghooks.code.pyflakeshook
pretxncommit.pdb = python:hghooks.code.pdbhook
pretxncommit.jslint = python:hghooks.code.jslinthook

You can add as many hooks as you need. From version 0.2.0 it supports the pretxnchangegroup hook too.

When using the pretxnchangegroup hook, hghooks’ default behavior is to check only the last revision being pushed. If you want to check every new revision, you can activate hghooks’ strict mode by adding these lines to your hgrc file:

strict_checking = true

This way you will enforce the correctness of every commit. Offending commits would need to be fixed locally using queues.

How to skip the hooks

If you need to avoid a hook for a specific changeset you can add one or more of the following keywords to the commit message: no-pep8, no-pyflakes and no-pdb.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid a hook in a specific file you can add a comment somewhere in the file saying so. For example:

# hghooks: no-pyflakes no-pdb no-jslint

in this case the pyflakes and pdb hooks will skip this file. The “# hghooks:” prolog is important and you have to type it exactly like that. Then add the skip keyworkds separated by spaces.

Skipping specific pep8 errors

If you want to ignore some pep8 errors you can do so by adding a [pep8] configuration section into your hgrc file. For example, if you want to allow longer than 79 character lines, you would add this configuration:

ignore = E501

The format of the value of the ignore option is a space separate list of pep8 errors or warnings. Check pep8 documentation to see these codes.

Note: this only works since pep8 0.6.0 and later versions.

Trac integration

Starting with version 0.3.0 there is some limited support for Trac integration.

Right now there are two useful hooks for those that use Trac as their project system. The first one is a hook suitable for the pretxnchangegroup event in the centralized repository that Trac syncs from that checks at least a ticket is mentioned in the changeset message. The other one could be used in two ways:

  1. One is suitable for incoming event and will add a comment for every changeset in the ticket mentioned in the changeset message. In summary, one comment per commit.

  2. The other one is suitable for changegroup event. It all changesets will be grouped in one comment and will be added in every ticket mentioned in the changeset message. So for summarizing, it will register comment per push.

To use these hooks you must configure your repository with the Trac environment path you want to integrate with. Write this in your .hg/hgrc repository conf:

environment = /full/path/to/your/trac/environment

Now you can add both hooks in the same configuration file:

pretxnchangegroup.trac = python:hghooks.trachooks.ticket_checker
incoming.trac = python:hghooks.trachooks.ticket_updater


[hooks] pretxnchangegroup.trac = python:hghooks.trachooks.ticket_checker changegroup.trac = python:hghooks.trachooks.ticket_updater

Right now these hooks checks for the following pattern in your changeset messages: [action] [ticket] [number] where action is any of ‘close’, ‘closed’, ‘closes’, ‘fix’, ‘fixed’, ‘fixes’, ‘addresses’, ‘references’, ‘refs’, ‘re’ and ‘see’, ticket is any of ‘ticket’, ‘issue’ and ‘bug’ and number is the number of the ticket with a leading # character.

In the ticket_checker hook only the presence of a ticket number and any of these actions is checked. In the ticket_updater, additional changes are done to the ticket depending on the action itself. And a comment is added to the ticket with a configurable message.

If you use Trac 0.12 and have more than one repository configured in your environment you must tell the hook, which one you want to use. To do so add the following option in the [trac] section of the repository hgrc configuration file:

repo_name = your_repo_name_in_trac

If you don’t specify this option, the repository should be the default repository in Trac. Otherwise, the links to the changeset will not work.

You can also configure how the messages will look like in the Ticket. There are two configuration options for that:

msg_template = (At [%(changeset)s]) %(msg)s
changeset_style = long-hex

The msg_template specifies how the text of the comments will looks like. It has two placeholders: one for the changeset id and one for the changeset description or message. As you can see in the above example, by putting the changeset between brackets we automatically generate a Trac link to that changeset in the ticket comment.

The other option, changeset_style can have one of these three values:

  • number: integer with the revision number

  • long-hex: full hexadecimal hash of the changeset

  • short-hex: the first 12 characters of the long-hex

By default, short-hex is used as the changeset_style.

You can also add more actions if the ones supplied with hghooks are not enough for you. The extending mechanism used to allow this feature is based in setuptools entry points so you must be familiar with them in order to use them. Right now there are two entry points:

  • hghooks.trac.ticket_commands

  • hghooks.trac.token_commands

Each of them should point to a callable that returns a dictionary where the keys are the action names and the values are callables that receive a ticket and can modify them if they need it.


0.7.0 (2016-05-05)

  • Add support for Mercurial >= 3.6.1. Thanks to Ernesto Revilla

  • Add support to detect pudb statements. Thanks to Andrey Kolomoets

0.6.0 (2013-04-17)

  • By default only check the last revision of a push. There is a configurable option to get back the default strict behavior. Thanks to Gabriel Rodriguez

  • pep257 support. Thanks to pszablow.

0.5.5 (2013-02-01)

  • Fix pep8 support for newer versions than 1.2

0.5.4 (2012-10-12)

  • Fix documentation rst errors

0.5.3 (2012-10-12)

  • Remove pep8, pyflakes and pyjslint from the depenencies since they are optional

  • Make Trac an optional dependency

0.5.2 (2012-01-12)

  • Fix pyjslint integration. Thanks to Alejandro Blanco.

0.5.1 (2011-11-16)

  • Use the new pyjslint 0.3.1.

0.5.0 (2011-11-06)

  • Add support to jslint through the pyjslint package. Contribution by Manuel Viera and Pablo Martín.

  • Add support for the changegroup hook type in the trachooks.ticket_updater hook. In this case, merge all changeset messages into one message and add just one comment to the Trac ticket. Manuel and Pablo.

  • Use the server time in the trachooks.ticket_updater hook. Manuel and Pablo.

0.4.3 (2011-10-23)

  • Works with pyflakes 0.5.0 and backwards compatibility for previous versions

  • Fixed pep8 –ignore handling, by Waldemar Kornewald

0.4.2 (2011-02-24)

  • Fix a bug with non ascii characters in the commit message

0.4.1 (2011-01-11)

  • Fix a bug when running the pyflakes hook over a syntactically wrong file

0.4.0 (2011-01-09)

  • Make pyflakes hook ignore those code lines with a “pyflakes:ignore” comment

0.3.2 (2010-11-08)

  • Fix documentation

0.3.1 (2010-10-21)

  • Allow ignoring pep8 erros

0.3.0 (2010-10-17)

  • Add hooks for Trac integration:

    • A pretxnchangegroup hook that checks a metion to a ticket exist in the changeset message.

    • An incoming hook that add a comment to the Trac ticket with the changeset message.

0.2.1 (2010-10-14)

  • Fixes installation problem because was importing pep8 and pyflakes

  • Fixes bug in pdb checker when adding new files

0.2.0 (2010-10-14)

  • Support for the pretxnchangegroup hook

0.1.2 (2010-08-31)

  • Fixes issue #2 about erros when removing files

0.1.1 (2010-06-13)

  • Add documentatin about how to skip the checks

0.1.0 (2010-06-13)

  • Initial release

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