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mercurial repository monitoring and handling as a group

Project description


The monitor extension tracks a directory of hg repositories for changes which are not committed or pushed to the server. The basic use case is for easily tracking a set of diverse repositories for pending changes. Another use is to schedule an e-mail updating on the state of pending changes.

All monitor commands take an optional directory argument and a boolean recurse flag. The default (recurse False) is to recurse one directory, but when recurse is true, monitor searches for all hg repositories under the directory.

In addition, if the mq switch is enabled, then monitor searches for hg repositories in .hgpatches inside each main repository found.

In some ways, this extension provides a much more flexible notion of sub-repositories. There is no tracking of related repositories beyond being in the same sub-directory. Such simplicity can allow a more flexible workflow.


List changes in repositories directly under the current working directory:

hg monitor

List changes in all repositories under the given directory or directories:

hg monitor --dir=<dir1> --dir=<dir2> --recurse

Pull changes from the default repository for all repositories in the scope of the command:

hg mpull --update
hg mpush

The mbackup command has facilities for backing up uncommitted changes (and unpushed changesets - in the future). It could also be a directory:

hg mbackup --dir=<directory> --remote=<additional backup folder>


  • 0.5 - fixed bug with –dir selectors not accumulating when they point directly to repositories – Thanks Piotr Owsiak

  • 0.4 - added email from monitor and extended zipped backup to include outgoing changes

  • 0.3 - added mbackup with zip & copy for uncommitted changes


The monitor command will include the ability to e-mail uncommitted/unpushed changes to an e-mail address:

hg monitor --dir=<directory> --email

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