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Notify users when Ploneboard threads or comments are modified

Project description


hl.plone.boardnotifications provides email notifications for Ploneboard for several purposes. It allows you to:

  • let users subscribe/unsubscribe to forum threads;
  • notify conversation/comment owners when their content has been edited, deleted, or moved to a different forum by a moderator;
  • configure a specific mail text for each purpose. Leave the mail text empty for notification types you don’t want to use;
  • personalize mails using memberdata properties;
  • use conversation/comment URL and title in the notifications.


  1. Add the package to your buildout.
  2. Run buildout.
  3. Restart Zope.
  4. Install hl.plone.boardnotifications using the Plone Control Panel.
  5. Visit “Board Notifications” in the site control panel (go to @@boardnotifier-settings) and configure the mail templates (see Configuration of Mail Templates below).

Upgrading from previous versions

In version 1.1, storing subscriptions has changed. To migrate existing subscriptions:

  1. Backup your database
  2. go to Plone Control Panel -> Add-ons
  3. scroll down to Activated add-ons, search for Board Email Notifications and click Upgrade

If anything goes wrong feel free to submit a bug report

Configuration of Mail Templates

Subject and Signature

If you choose to configure subject and signature, those will be used in all templates. If you want to use subjects and signature on a per-template basis, leave these fields blank. You can then add the signature to each template as appropriate. For a per-template subject, enter:

Subject:your subject here

on the first line of the mail template, followed by a blank line.


You can use a number of variables to produce meaningful mail texts using standard Python string interpolation specifiers with the variable name as mapping key (i.e. %(variable_name)s). The following variables are available in the email templates:

  • all member properties as defined in portal_memberdata;
  • conversation title: use %(threadtitle)s to reference the conversation’s title;
  • conversation URL: use %(threadurl)s to reference the conversation’s URL;
  • forum title: use %(boardtitle)s to reference the forum’s title;
  • comment URL: use %(commenturl)s to reference the comment’s URL.
  • comment text: use %(commenttext)s to reference the comment’s text.

Personalized Mail Salutations

The salutation field can be used to define gender specific salutations. If you don’t need this feature, just leave it blank. When you save your settings, your empty string will be replaced by : - simply ignore this. You can still put a generic salutation in each mail template and use %(fullname)s to address the recipient.

If you want personalized salutations, hl.plone.boardnotifications defines a new member property named ‘salutation’. It is your responsibility to fill it per member by e.g. customizing @@personal-settings. Then you have to map the possible contents of the salutation member property to the desired salutation, e.g.:

Mr:Dear Mr. %(fullname)s,

Mrs:Dear Mrs. %(fullname)s,

:Dear Mrs./Mr. %(fullname)s,

Examples of mailing texts

A comment has been added to a conversation, notify conversation subscribers:

Subject:New comment in thread "%(threadtitle)s"


There is a new post in thread "%(threadtitle)s", in the forum "%(boardtitle)s".
You are suscribed to this thread.

Here is the comment text:

Go to the latests post:


If you don't want to be notified: %(threadurl)s/unsubscribe

This e-mail has been sent automatically.

A conversation has been moved to another forum:

Subject:Conversation "%(threadtitle)s" has been moved


The conversation "%(threadtitle)s" has been moved to "%(boardtitle)s".

Go to the moved conversation:



1.1 (2015-10-19)

  • do not try to send notification e-mail if destination address is not available (rafaelbco)
  • use an OOBTree for storing subscriptions

1.0 (2015-01-13)

  • fix event handler (move subscriptions)

0.9 (2014-12-10)

  • when a thread is moved to another forum, move the subscriptions as well
  • notify subscribers when a thread is moved

0.8 (2014-03-19)

  • Make sure commenttext is unicode (jean)
  • Make it not fail when deleting the PloneSite (rafaelbco)

0.7 (2013-08-01)

  • meaningful viewlet names

0.6 (2013-07-22)

  • add mail-in functionality (jean)
  • forum subscription (jean)
  • add ‘commenttext’ as a notification mail option (jean)

0.5 (2013-02-11)

  • added basque and spanish translations (erral)

0.3 (2012-12-13)

  • added documentation
  • do not try to send emails to users that have been deleted
  • do not send email when a template contains only whitespace

0.2 (2012-08-23)

  • working

0.1 (2012-08-23)

  • initial release

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