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A simple password management tool

Project description

Hello Password

A very simple secure password management tool.

Why? Because I can't believe the current password management software. In addition, the fact that the data file cannot be exported bothers me.

Quick Start

Use hpass -h view detailed commands

$ hpass -h
usage: hpass [-h] [-v] [-r PASSWORD_LENGTH] [-i] [-c]

Hello Password

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         View version information
                        Randomly generate passwords containing uppercase and lowercase letters/numbers/symbols
  -i, --initialization  Create or specify a password storage file in the current directory
  -c, --cli             Start CLI Workbench
  -t, --transfer        Reset primary password (Change master password)

Use hpass -i initialize password data file in specified directory

$  hpass -i
Your primary password:
Enter your primary password again:
Find the password storage file in the current directory
Password storage file initialized successfully

Use hpass enter Workbench

$ hpass
Your primary password:

Use random generate a secure random password

H-Pass> random 16

Use add to add a new account

H-Pass> add
The following is the information required for the new password :
Website =
Notes = 163 Yeah Mail
Username =
Email =
Phone =
Password = hiSVJ@77AEYFaZhu
The new password has been successfully added!

Use search search password data

H-Pass> search yeah
| ID |        Website        |    Notes     |
| 18 | | 163 Yeah Mail |

Use get view password data

H-Pass> get 18
website =
notes = 163 Yeah Mail
username =
email =
phone =
password = hiSVJ@77AEYFaZhu

Use set change password data

H-Pass> set 18 notes
Original notes = 163 Yeah Mail
Now notes = Yeah Mail
Password value modified successfully!

Use help view cli help information

H-Pass> help
filepath           - Print the absolute path of the password storage file
all                - View the basic information of all password data
add                - Enter a new password data
search <keyword>   - Find password data by keyword
random <length>    - Generate a secure password of specified length
get <id>           - View the password data of the specified id
del <id>           - Delete the password data of the specified id
set <id> <key>     - Modify the key value of the password data of specified id


As usual, the easiest way is with pip:

$ pip install hpass

Alternatively you can download the hpass-x.x.x.tar.gz installation file:

$ pip install hpass-x.x.x.tar.gz

Pip will install dependencies (colorama and PrettyTable) for you. Alternatively you can clone the repository:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd hpass
$ python install


hpass uses RC4 algorithm for data encryption storage.

Use key to generate S box

The key-scheduling algorithm (KSA)

def rc4_init_s_box(key):
    s_box = list(range(256))
    j = 0
    for i in range(256):
        j_step_1 = j + s_box[i]
        j_step_2 = j_step_1 + ord(key[i % len(key)])
        j_step_3 = j_step_2 % 256
        j = j_step_3
        s_box[i], s_box[j] = s_box[j], s_box[i]
    return s_box

Use S box to generate key stream

The pseudo-random generation algorithm (PRGA)

def rc4_res_program(s_box, message):
    res = []
    i = j = 0
    for s in message:
        i = (i + 1) % 256
        j = (j + s_box[i]) % 256
        s_box[i], s_box[j] = s_box[j], s_box[i]
        t = (s_box[i] + s_box[j]) % 256
        k = s_box[t]
        res.append(chr(ord(s) ^ k))
    return res


hpass is free and open-source software licensed under the MIT License.

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