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Python html to poster

Simple python function to post plain html text to allows <a>, <blockquote>, <br>, <em>, <figure>, <h3>, <h4>, <img>, <p>, <strong>, elements. It also supports embedded youtube and vimeo iframe tags.

About telegram service


  • lxml
  • requests
  • requests_toolbelt


pip install html-telegraph-poster


>>> from html_telegraph_poster import TelegraphPoster
>>> t = TelegraphPoster(use_api=True)
>>> t.create_api_token('Elon Musk', 'Elon', '') # second and third params are optional
{'access_token': '9f3bab568f*************', 'auth_url': '***********', 'author_name': 'Elon', 'short_name': 'Elon Musk', 'author_url': ''}
>>>'Just another funny joke', author='by me', text='<blockquote>Really hard way</blockquote>')
{'path': 'Just-another-funny-joke-06-05-4', 'url': ''}

# We can modify this article later
>>> t.edit(text=t.text + '<p>some text at the end</p>')
{'path': 'Just-another-funny-joke-06-05-4', 'url': ''}

# Modify page created earlier
>>> t.edit(text="<p>new text</p>", path='/Another-one-page-06-05')
{'path': 'Another-one-page-06-05', 'url': ''}

Generate persistent access token

Actually it's a good idea to generate access token and put it inside environment variables. This command will generate .env file or append TELEGRAPH_ACCESS_TOKEN at the end of it. Note: script will not set environment variable. You can use python-dotenv, set it manually or hardcode it when call TelegraphPoster(access_token='access_token_string')

python -m html_telegraph_poster.create_account "Elon Musk" "Elon" ""

Uploading images

from html_telegraph_poster.upload_images import upload_image

# upload file

# upload url

# setting request and response timeout
upload_image("", get_timeout=(5, 5), upload_timeout=(5, 5))

Utils module

Utils module provides ability to make some pre-process steps before document is passed to the converter.

Uploading all images to the

from html_telegraph_poster.utils import DocumentPreprocessor

dp = DocumentPreprocessor(html_string)
dp.get_processed_html() # this should return html string with uploaded and replaced image urls

Optionally you can pass base_url if the document contains images with relative paths


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