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HubSpot API written in python

Project description


HubSpot API wrapper written in Python.


pip install hubspot-python


- requests


Client instantiation

from hubspot.client import Client


Create a new calendar task

data = {
  "eventDate": 1425760557000,
  "category": "BLOG_POST",
  "state": "TODO",
  "campaignGuid": "f43fe9fd-4082-4a45-93d8-cb8a88f01654",
  "name": "Test Blog Task With topics 3",
  "description": "Cool Post with Topics",
  "ownerId": 13316,
  "topicIds": [
  "contentGroupId": 343029322
response = client.calendar.create_task(data)


Get all companies

response = client.companies.get_companies(data)

Create a Company

data = {
    "name": "A company name",
    "description": "A company description"
response = client.companies.create_company(data)

Delete a Company

response = client.companies.delete_company(COMPANY_ID)

Get Recently Created Companies

response = client.companies.get_recently_created_companies()

Get a Company

response = client.companies.get_company(COMPANY_ID)

Contact Lists

Get contact lists

response = client.contact_lists.get_contact_lists()

Create a new contact list

data = {
    "name": "tweeters",
    "dynamic": true,
    "portalId": 62515,
            "operator": "EQ",
            "value": "@hubspot",
            "property": "twitterhandle",
            "type": "string"
response = client.contact_lists.create_contact_list(data)

Delete a contact list

response = client.contact_lists.delete_contact_list(CONTACT_LIST_ID)

Get recently added contacts from a list

response = client.contact_lists.get_recently_added_contacts_in_a_list()

Get a contact list by its unique ID

response = client.contact_lists.get_contact_list(CONTACT_LIST_ID)

Add existing contacts to a list

data = {
  "vids": [
  "emails": [
response = client.contact_lists.add_contact_to_list(CONTACT_LIST_ID, data)


Get all contacts

response = client.contacts.get_contacts()

Create a new contact

data = {
    "email": "",
    "firstname": "Adrian",
    "lastname": "Mott",
    "website": "",
    "company": "HubSpot",
    "phone": "555-122-2323",
    "address": "25 First Street",
    "city": "Cambridge",
    "state": "MA",
    "zip": "02139",
response = client.contacts.create_contact(data)

Delete a contact

response = client.contacts.delete_contact(CONTACT_ID)

Get recently created contacts

response = client.contacts.get_recently_created_contacts()

Get a contact list by its unique ID

response = client.contacts.get_contact(CONTACT_ID)


Get all deals

response =

Create a Deal

data = {
    "dealname": "Tim's Newer Deal",
    "dealstage": "appointmentscheduled",
    "pipeline": "default",
    "hubspot_owner_id": "24",
    "closedate": 1409443200000,
    "amount": "60000",
    "dealtype": "newbusiness",
response =

Delete a Deal

response =

Get Recently Created Deals

response =

Get a contact list by its unique ID

response =

Fields (Properties)

Get all fields

response = client.fields.get_fields(MODULE)


Get all fields

response = client.integrations.get_account_details()

Get all fields

response = client.integrations.get_daily_api_usage()


Viewing Settings

response = client.webhooks.get_settings()

Updating Settings

data = {
    "webhookUrl": "", 
    "maxConcurrentRequests": 25

response = client.webhooks.update_settings(data)

Get Subscriptions

response = client.webhooks.get_subscriptions()

Create a New Subscription

data = { 
    "subscriptionDetails" : {
        "subscriptionType" : "company.propertyChange", 
        "propertyName" : "companyname" 
    "enabled": False

response = client.webhooks.create_subscription(data)

Update a Subscription

data = { 
    "enabled": False

response = client.webhooks.create_subscription(SUBSCRIPTION_ID, data)

Delete a Subscription

response = client.webhooks.delete_subscription(SUBSCRIPTION_ID)


Get workflows

response = client.workflows.get_workflows()

Get workflow

response = client.workflows.get_workflow(WORKFLOW_ID)

Create a workflow

data = {
    "name": "Test Workflow",
    "type": "DRIP_DELAY",
    "onlyEnrollsManually": true,
    "actions": [
            "type": "DELAY",
            "delayMillis": 3600000
            "newValue": "HubSpot",
            "propertyName": "company",
            "type": "SET_CONTACT_PROPERTY"
            "type": "WEBHOOK",
            "url": "",
            "method": "POST",
            "authCreds": {
                "user": "user",
                "password": "password"
response = client.workflows.create_workflow(data)

Delete a Deal

response = client.workflows.delete_workflow(WORKFLOW_ID)

Enroll a contact into a workflow

response = client.workflows.enroll_a_contact_into_workflow(WORKFLOW_ID, EMAIL)

Unenroll a contact from a workflow

response = client.workflows.unenroll_a_contact_into_workflow(WORKFLOW_ID, EMAIL)

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