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Command-line interface for Hydro Engine

Project description

Hydro Engine is a small service and a command-line tool built on top of [Google Earth Engine]( that allows querying various hydrological variables, useful as an input for hydrological models.

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The command-line Python tool can be installed using the following commands: ` > pip install hydroengine `

Once the package is installed, you can use `hydroengine` command to download input data needed for your hydrological model.

Upstream catchments, rivers and various raster variables can be queried using following commands:

` > hydroengine region.json --get-catchments catchments.json > hydroengine region.json --get-rivers rivers.json > hydroengine region.json --get-raster dem dem.tif 1000 EPSG:4326 > hydroengine region.json --get-lakes lakes.json > hydroengine region.json --get-lake-variable 183160 water_area area.json `

See [examples/](, showing how different data types can be downloaded.

All data types can be queried for an input area or location (GeoJSON polygon geometry). A polygon may define a flood location. For example, in the figure below, a single point near Houston is used to query upstream catchments and a drainage network, providing runoff water for that location.

<img src=”” alt=”Example” width=”626” height=”485”>

Supported functionality:

  • Querying upstream catchments as a single or multiple polygons. Source: [HydroBASINS](

  • Querying upstream drainage network as polylines. Source: [HydroSHEDS](

  • Querying raster variables:
    • dem [m] - in meters, source: 30m SRTM v4

    • hand [m] - Height Above the Nearest Drainage ([HAND](

    • FirstZoneCapacity [-] - ?

    • FirstZoneKsatVer [-] - ?

    • FirstZoneMinCapacity [-] - ?

    • InfiltCapSoil [-] - ?

    • M [-] - ?

    • PathFrac [-] - ?

    • WaterFrac [-] - ?

    • thetaS [-] - ?

    • soil_type [-] - soil type, based on ?

    • landuse [-] - land use type, based on MODIS 500m

    • LAI01…LAI12 - leaf area index monthly climatology, source: [eartH2Observe](


0.1.0 (2018-08-27)

  • First release on PyPI.

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