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Python implementation of international-standard IAPWS-IF97 steam tables

Project description

Class to model a state for liquid water or steam with the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97

Incoming properties:

- T, Temperature, K
- P, Pressure, MPa
- h, Specific enthalpy, kJ/kg
- s, Specific entropy, kJ/kg·K
- x, Quality

Definitions options:

- T, P (Not valid for two-phases region)
- P, h
- P, s
- h, s
- T, x (Only for two-phases region)
- P, x (Only for two-phases region)


- P, Pressure, MPa
- T, Temperature, K
- g, Specific Gibbs free energy, kJ/kg
- a, Specific Helmholtz free energy, kJ/kg
- v, Specific volume, m³/kg
- rho, Density, kg/m³
- h, Specific enthalpy, kJ/kg
- u, Specific internal energy, kJ/kg
- s, Specific entropy, kJ/kg·K
- cp, Specific isobaric heat capacity, kJ/kg·K
- cv, Specific isochoric heat capacity, kJ/kg·K
- Z, Compression factor
- gamma, Isoentropic exponent
- alfav, Isobaric cubic expansion coefficient, 1/K
- kt, Isothermal compressibility, 1/MPa
- alfap, Relative pressure coefficient, 1/K
- betap, Isothermal stress coefficient, kg/m³
- joule, Joule-Thomson coefficient, K/MPa
- deltat, Isothermal throttling coefficient, kJ/kg·MPa
- region, Region

- v0, Ideal specific volume, m³/kg
- u0, Ideal specific internal energy, kJ/kg
- h0, Ideal specific enthalpy, kJ/kg
- s0, Ideal specific entropy, kJ/kg·K
- a0, Ideal specific Helmholtz free energy, kJ/kg
- g0, Ideal specific Gibbs free energy, kJ/kg
- cp0, Ideal specific isobaric heat capacity, kJ/kg·K
- cv0, Ideal specific isochoric heat capacity, kJ/kg·K
- w0, Ideal speed of sound, m/s
- gamma0, Ideal isoentropic exponent

- w, Speed of sound, m/s
- mu, Dynamic viscosity, Pa·s
- nu, Kinematic viscosity, m²/s
- k, Thermal conductivity, W/m·K
- alfa, Thermal diffusivity, m²/s
- sigma, Surface tension, N/m
- epsilon, Dielectric constant
- n, Refractive index
- Pr, Prandtl number


from iapws import IAPWS97
sat_steam=IAPWS97(P=1,x=1) #saturated steam with known P
sat_liquid=IAPWS97(T=370, x=0) #saturated liquid with known T
steam=IAPWS97(P=2.5, T=500) #steam with known P and T
print(sat_steam.h, sat_liquid.h, steam.h) #calculated enthalpy

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