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Icetea - test framework

Project description

# Command-line test framework

*Icetea* is an [mbed]( test framework written
with python 2.7. It is generally used to verify the ARM mbed
IoT Device Platform provides the operating system and cloud services.

Python 3 is preliminarily supported, but there might be some
compatibility issues that will be fixed as they are found.

When testing [`mbed OS`](
*Icetea* allows you to execute commands remotely via
the command line interface in board (`DUT`).
The interface between the test framework and `DUT` can be
for example UART, sockets or for example stdio (process `DUT`).

A more detailed description of the *Icetea* concept is
available [here](doc/

## Installation

`> python install`

When installing Icetea, installing to a
[virtualenv]( is
a good idea.

### Required dependencies:

* In case you want to use **local mbed devices**
* [mbed-ls](
* To enumerate connected boards
* [mbed-flasher](
* to flash devices automatically
* Both of these should be installed automatically by
Icetea installation.

**OS specific:**

* python-dev and python-lxml
`sudo apt-get install python-dev python-lxml`
* For documentation install sphinx:
`apt-get install python-sphinx`

* [XCode developer tools](
* [MacPorts](
* lxml as described
`STATIC_DEPS=true sudo pip install lxml`
* For documentation install sphinx:
`sudo port install py27-sphinx`, `sudo port select --set python python27`,
`sudo port select --set sphinx py27-sphinx`

* python-lxml installation is problematic on Windows since
it usually requires build tools. It can however be installed
from pre-built binaries.
* Download binary for you system from the internet.
* Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the
binary and install it with `pip install <insert_file_name>`
* For documentation install sphinx with pip:
`pip install sphinx`

### Optional dependencies

* If you wish to decorate your console log with all kinds of colors,
install the coloredlogs module using pip. `pip install coloredlogs`
* There have been issues with coloredlogs installation on Windows.
We might switch to a different module at some point to enable
colored logging on Windows as well.
* [valgrind](
* [gdb](

### Installation step-by-step

git clone
cd icetea
python install


In order to run test cases with hardware in Linux without sudo rights:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout username
Log out & log in back to Linux

This command will add the user 'username' to the 'dialout' group and
grant the required permissions to the USB ports.

## Usage

To print the help page:

`icetea --help`

All cli parameters are described in [](doc/

To list all local testcases from the `./testcases` subfolder:

`icetea --list`

## Test Case API

To execute a single command line:

` execute_command(<dut>, <cmd>, (<arguments>) ) `

or alias `command(...)`

dut[number] #dut index (1..)
dut[string] #dut nick name, or '*' to execute command in all duts
cmd[string] #command to be executed
arguments[dictionary] #optional argument list
wait = <boolean> # whether retcode is expected before continue next command. True (default) or False
expected_retcode = <int> # expected return code (default=0)
timeout=<int> # timeout, if no retcode receive

## Documentation
HTML documentation for Icetea can be built using sphinx. The source
for the documentation is located in [doc-source](doc-source).
For installation of sphinx see [installation](#installation).

A build script for the documentation is included in
It's a simple python scripts that also generates autodoc api documentation.
Run the script with:


Currently similar documentation is available in markdown format in
[doc](doc). This documentation will be phased out and is not maintained
as well as the sphinx documentation.

## Examples

**Note:** Following examples uses [`dummyDut`](test/dut/dummyDut.c)
application. It works in unix systems.
To run following examples please compile `dummyDut` first using make:
`> make -C test/dut`.

To print available parameters:

`> icetea --help`

To run a single test case with the process dut:

`> icetea --tc test_cmdline --tcdir examples --type process --bin ./test/dut/dummyDut`

To run all existing test cases from the `examples` folder:

`> icetea --tc all --tcdir examples --type process --bin ./test/dut/dummyDut`

To debug dut locally with [GDB](

**Note:** You have to install [gdb]( first (`apt-get install gdb`)

> icetea --tc test_cmdline --tcdir examples --type process --gdb 1 --bin ./test/dut/dummyDut
> sudo gdb ./CliNode 3460

To debug dut remotely with GDB server:

> icetea --tc test_cmdline --tcdir examples --type process --gdbs 1 --bin ./test/dut/dummyDut
> gdb ./test/dut/dummyDut --eval-command="target remote localhost:2345"

To analyse memory leaks with valgrind:

**Note:** You have to install [valgrind]( first (`apt-get install valgrind`)
> icetea --tc test_cmdline --tcdir examples --type process --valgrind --valgrind_tool memcheck --bin ./test/dut/dummyDut

## Running unit tests with *Icetea*

To build a test application for DUT and execute the test:

> make
> coverage run -m unittest discover -s test

To generate a coverage report (excluding plugins):

> coverage html --include "icetea_lib/*" --omit "icetea_lib/Plugin/plugins/*"

To run unit tests for plugins that ship with Icetea:

> coverage run -m unittest discover -s icetea_lib/Plugin/plugins/plugin_tests

To generate a coverage reports for plugin unit tests run:

> coverage html --include "icetea_lib/Plugin/plugins/*" --omit "icetea_lib/Plugin/plugins/plugin_tests/*"

### Dependencies

Unit tests depend on mock, coverage and netifaces.

> pip install mock
> pip install netifaces
> pip install coverage

## License

See the [license](LICENSE) agreement.

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