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Convert text-format RFCs and Internet-Drafts to .xml format

Project description

Internet-Draft text to XML Conversion Tool

This tool, ‘id2xml’, is intended for use by the RFC-Editor staff, in order to produce a first xml2rfc-compatible XML version from text-only Internet-Draft submissions.

id2xml may also be useful for Internet-Draft authors who wish to start working on a new version of an older draft or RFC, for which no xml2rfc-compatible XML source is available.

Version 1.x can process the drafts specified in the development Statement of Work to XML files acceptable to xml2rfc, and can also process a number of other test files to acceptable XML. Missing is internal <xref/> links to figures and tables.

The default XML produced follows RFC 7749 [1] in version 1.x of the tool. With version 1.3.0 of the tool, output according to RFC 7991 [2] is available by use of the ‘-3’ switch.


Version 1.5.0 (03 Sep 2019)

  • Fixed a few Python 3.x nits in the parser code.

  • Changed generated anchor slugs so as to not collide with IDs used by xml2rfc, which in v3 mode reserves certain prefixes used for section, figure and table anchors and fragment identifiers. Also fixed an xml2rfc v2v3 convertere compatibility issue.

  • Added outdent to id2xml progress statements in order to more clearly differentiate them from warnings and errors.

  • Added the possibility of setting document stream, IPR, and consensus values with switches instead of deriving them from the ‘Status of this Memo’ section, to make processing of documents with old status wording easier.

  • Added a list of valid submission types and stream names to id2xml.utils.

  • Tweaked several command-line options to better match those of xml2rfc. Added help for trace options when –help is given together with –debug.

Version 1.4.4 (17 Oct 2018)

  • Since ‘–’ isn’t allowed inside html comments, trying to add a comment that contains that string will fail. Under some circumstances, id2xml inserts comments about conversion errors into the generated xml, and if the failed text contained ‘–’, this would fail. Tweaked comment insertion to avoid this.

  • Added code to look for Abstract both before and after Status-of-Memo and Copyright sections. The placement of the Abstract changes around the time of RFC 5550.

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