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A ViM-usable tags file generator for EnergyPlus IDF files.

Project description

A ViM-usable tags file generator for EnergyPlus IDF files.


EnergyPlus IDF files can be huge, and you’ve probably wanted a way to jump to another object that the object you’re looking at references.

For example jump from one object that references a schedule to a schedule itself.

If you use ViM, you’ve probably been using tags files. This utility is a tags generator for EnergyPlus IDF files.

It also comes with a Command Line Interface (CLI) for easy generation of said tags.

Note that because tags expects proper variables names, and EnergyPlus doesn’t enforce such rules for the Name of objects, we have to create a new IDF file where the name doesn’t include any spaces or other special characters.


It installs a CLI idf-tags. Here’s the output of idf-tags

$ idf-tags



idf-tags idf-tags [–recursive | -r | <idf_path>] idf-tags -h | –help idf-tags -v | –version


-r –recursive Search for IDF files is recursive (includes subdirectories) -h –help Show this screen. -v –version Show version.


idf-tags Generates a tag file for all files in current directory idf-tags -r Tag file including subdirectories idf-tags in.idf Tag file for a specific IDF file


For help using this tool, please open an issue on the Github repository:


If you’ve cloned this project, and want to install the library (and all development dependencies), the command you’ll want to run is:

$ pip install -e .[test]

If you’d like to run all tests for this project, against Python 2.7 and 3.6, I have implemented tox, and you can just run:

$ tox

or, for only your current environment:

$ python test

Both will trigger py.test, along with its popular coverage plugin.

Uploading a new version to PyPi, the Python Package Index (PyPI):

$ python sdist bdist_wheel
$ twine upload dist/*

This will build both a source tarball of your CLI tool, as well as a newer wheel build (and this will, by default, run on all platforms). You need twine

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