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idid - Save and share your daily activities!

Project description

Logg, save and share your daily activities with ease!


Comfortably store and share daily activities, including status report data for projects, etc and share the results with your friends, colleagues and the world using Git.


Usage for saving stats to configured Git Repo is straightforward:

idid [today|yesterday|YYYY-MM-DD] [journal] 'logg msg'


Save yesterday’s completed activity for Project X:

idid yesterday project_x Drafted Project Charter #complete

Save an activity you completed today (default journal: general):

idid Got my driver's license! #woot

Celebrate the joy of the day:

idid joy @kejbaly2 told me I'm special! <3


Use --debug or set the environment variable DEBUG to 1 through 5 to set the desired level of debugging.


Use alternate configuration file (default: ‘config’)


Turn on debugging output, do not catch exceptions

See idid --help for complete list of available options.


or use PIP (sudo required if not in a virtualenv):

pip install idid

See documentation for more details about installation options.


The config file ~/.idid/config.yaml is used to store both general settings and configuration of individual journals:

default_engine: txt:///tmp/logg.txt
default_journal: general
#gpg: 1C725D56
        desc: Unsorted Activities

        desc: Secrete Project X

        desc: Joy of the Day!
        engine: git:///tmp/logg.git


Chris Ward

Forked from Petr Šplíchal’s project.


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