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Library to connect and query information about electricmeters following REE protocol.

Project description

IEC-870-5-102 for REE Spanish Electric meters

Documentation about this protocol:


$ pip install iec870ree

Configuration of devices:

Implemented ASDUs

  • C_AC_NA_2: Authentication (Already implemented on origin)

  • C_CI_NU_2: Read integrated totals incremental values (Already implemented on origin)

  • M_IT_TK_2: Answer to C_CI_NU_2 (Already implemented on origin)

  • C_CI_NT_2: Read integrated totals absolute values

  • M_IT_TG_2: Answer to C_CI_NT_2

  • C_FS_NA_2: Finish session (Already implemented on origin)

  • C_TI_NA_2: Read current date and time

  • M_TI_TA_2: Answer to C_TI_NA_2

  • C_RD_NA_2: Read manufacturer and device identifiers

  • P_MP_NA_2: Answer to C_RD_NA_2

  • C_TA_VC_2: Read metering information Current values

  • M_TA_VC_2: Answer to C_TA_VC_2

  • C_TA_VM_2: Read metering information Saved values

  • M_TA_VM_2: Answer to C_TA_VM_2

  • C_CB_UN_2: (optional) Read integrated totals incremental values. With blocks choices. Similar to C_CI_NU_2.

  • M_IB_TK_2: Answer to C_CB_UN_2

  • C_CS_TA_2: Set date and time of meter (sincro). Use this ASDU as a response

  • C_PC_NA_2: Read contracted powers

  • M_PC_NA_2: Answer to C_PC_NA_2

History of this project

Initial project was writen by Javier de la Puente and was called reeprotocol . Then GISCE-TI started working on it and implemented Ip Layer, base changes and new ASDUs. With that we put this library in production 🚀! Our working speed was different from the main repo pace so we started a new project forked from the original. You can see the issue with the history here.

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