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An implementation of the IIIF Image API 2.0 Specification

Project description

An implementation of the IIIF Image API 2.0 Specification


$ pip3 install iiif2


The iiif2 library includes an image processing component called IIIF, responsible for implementing the iiif image processing pipeline, and a Parse utility capable of extracting iiif parameters and their data from uris.

from iiif2 import IIIF
from iiif2.web import Parse

You can combine the IIIF and Parse objects to create iiif 2.0 image tiles using only:

  • a iiif image 2.0 uri and

  • a resolved image filepath

An image path may be provided in one of two ways. First, it can be manually specified as a string:

from iiif2 import IIIF, web

url = ''

# a web server can return a rendered tile directly
# without ever saving tile to disk. Works on read-only fs:
tile = IIIF.render('images/file.jpg', *web.Parse(url))

# if we want, we can save tile (e.g. for caching)'cache/%s' % web.urihash(url))

Example Web Service

An entire IIIF Web Service written in Flask in ~30 lines of code is provided in the examples/ folder.

import os.path
from flask import Flask, request, jsonify, send_file
from iiif2 import IIIF, web

PATH = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
app = Flask(__name__)

def info(identifier):
      return jsonify(, identifier))

def iiif(**kwargs):
    params = web.Parse.params(**kwargs)
    path = resolve(params.get('identifier'))
    with IIIF.render(path, **params) as tile:
        return send_file(tile, mimetype=tile.mime)

def resolve(identifier):
    """Resolves a iiif identifier to the resource's path on disk.
    This method is specific to this server's architecture.
    return os.path.join(PATH, 'images', '%s.jpg' % identifier)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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