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Client for several IKEA's APIs

Project description

Client for several IKEA APIs.

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With this library you can access following IKEA's APIs:

  • Cart,
  • Home Delivery and Collect Services (actually, Order Capture),
  • Items info (2 services),
  • 3D models,
  • Purchases (history and order info),
  • Search,
  • Stock.

Also the package:

  • Is backend agnostic: choose HTTP library you want (async, too!),
  • Is fully typed and tested,
  • Has optional wrappers around some APIs based on Pydantic.


pip install ikea_api
  • Use httpx — awesome async HTTP library — as backend:
pip install "ikea_api[httpx]"
pip install "ikea_api[requests]"
  • Use wrappers:
pip install "ikea_api[wrappers]"
  • Install everything:
pip install "ikea_api[all]"


ikea_api is unusual API client. It decouples I/O from logic for easier testing and maintenance. As a bonus, you can use literally any HTTP library. Let's have a look at how to work with ikea_api.

import ikea_api

# Constants like country, language, base url
constants = ikea_api.Constants(country="us", language="en")
# Search API
search = ikea_api.Search(constants)
# Search endpoint with prepared data
endpoint ="Billy")

As you can see, nothing happened up to this point. Code suggests that we already should get the result of the search but we don't. What happened is search() returned a data class that contains information about endpoint that can be interpreted by an endpoint runner. There are two built-in: for requests (sync) and httpx (async), but you can easily write one yourself.

Here's how you would use requests one:

And httpx one:

await ikea_api.run_async(endpoint)

ikea_api.run_async() is async function, so you have to "await" it or run using

Endpoints reference

🔑 Authorization

First time you open, guest token is being generated and stored in cookies. Same thing must be done in here before using any endpoint.

This token expires in 30 days.


Previously you could login as user (with login and password), but now there's very advanced telemetry that I wouldn't be able to solve in hundred years 🤪

🛒 Cart

With this endpoint you can do everything you can using IKEA's frontend:

cart = ikea_api.Cart(constants, token=...)
  • Show the cart
  • Clear it
  • Add, update and delete items
cart.add_items({"30457903": 1})  # { item_code: quantity }

cart.update_items({"30457903": 5})

  • Set and clear coupon

  • and even copy another user's cart.

You can edit your user's actual cart if you use authorized token (copy-paste from cookies).

💡 There's wrapper that clears current cart and adds items with error handling: if requested item doesn't exist, the function just skips it and tries again.

ikea_api.add_items_to_cart(  # Function returns items that can't be added. In this case: ['11111111']
        "30457903": 1,
        "11111111": 2,  # invalid item that will be skipped

🚛 Order Capture

Check pickup or delivery availability. If you need to know whether items are available in stores, use Item availability endpoint or ikea-availability-checker.

order = ikea_api.OrderCapture(constants, token=token)

cart_show = run(
items = ikea_api.convert_cart_to_checkout_items(cart_show)

checkout_id = run(order.get_checkout(items))
service_area_id = run(
        state_code="MA",  # pass State Code only if your country has them
home_services = run(order.get_home_delivery_services(checkout_id, service_area_id))
collect_services = run(
    order.get_collect_delivery_services(checkout_id, service_area_id)

💡 You can use wrapper to add items to cart (clearing cart before and handling unknown item errors if they appear) and parse response in nice Pydantic models:

services = await ikea_api.get_delivery_services(
        "30457903": 1,
        "11111111": 2,  # invalid item that will be skipped
services.delivery_options  # List of parsed delivery services
services.cannot_add  # ['11111111']

📦 Purchases

purchases = ikea_api.Purchases(constants, token=token)


This method requires authentication, so if you don't have authorized token, it won't work.


# Get all purchases:

# Pagination:
purchases.history(take=10, skip=1)

💡 Get parsed response with the wrapper:

ikea_api.get_purchase_history(purchases)  # Returns a list of parsed purchases

Order info

purchases.order_info(order_number=..., email=...)

# If you have authorized token, you can drop email:

# The method also has other params but they're mostly internal:
    queries=...,  # Queries that will be included in request, combine any of: ["StatusBannerOrder", "CostsOrder", "ProductListOrder"]. By default, all of them are included.
    # Params below are relevant to ProductListOrder

💡 Get parsed response with the wrapper:

ikea_api.get_purchase_info(  # Returns parsed purchase object. Items are not listed.

🪑 Item info

Get item specification by item code (product number or whatever). There are 2 endpoints to do this because you can't get all the data about all the items using only one endpoint.

ingka_items = ikea_api.IngkaItems(constants)

pip_item = ikea_api.PipItem(constants)

📦 Item 3D models

Get 3D models by item code.

rotera_item = ikea_api.RoteraItem(constants)

🟢 Item availability

Get availability by item code (product number or whatever).

stock = ikea_api.Stock(constants)

🔎 Search

Search for products in the product catalog by product name. Optionally also specify a maximum amount of returned search results (defaults to 24) and types of required search results.

search = ikea_api.Search(constants)"Billy")

# Retrieve 10 search results (default is 24)"Billy", limit=10)

# Configure search results types
    types=...,  # Combine any of: ["PRODUCT", "CONTENT", "PLANNER", "REFINED_SEARCHES", "ANSWER"]

🛠 Utilities

Parse item codes

Parse item codes from string or list.

assert ikea_api.parse_item_codes("111.111.11") == ["11111111"]
assert ikea_api.parse_item_codes("11111111, 222.222.22") == ["11111111", "22222222"]
assert ikea_api.parse_item_codes("111") == []

Format item code

Parse item code and format it.

assert ikea_api.format_item_code("11111111") == "111.111.11"
assert ikea_api.format_item_code("111-111-11") == "111.111.11"
assert ikea_api.format_item_code("111.111.11") == "111.111.11"

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