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Imports IMDB TSV files into a SQLite database

Project description


Imports IMDB TSV files into a SQLite database.

It will fetch the files from IMDB unless you've already fetched them earlier.

The program relies on the following IMDB tab separated files:

  • title.basics.tsv.gz: Video titles such as movies, documentaries, tv series, episodes etc.
  • name.basics.tsv.gz: People in the entertainment business.
  • title.akas.tsv.gz: Alternative names for titles, for different languages.
  • title.principals.tsv.gz: Mapping of who participated in which title (movie / show).
  • title.episode.tsv.gz: Season and episode numbers, for episodes of shows.
  • title.ratings.tsv.gz: Current rating and vote count for the titles.


pip install imdb-sqlite


usage: imdb-sqlite [OPTIONS]

Imports imdb tsv interface files into a new sqlitedatabase. Fetches them from
imdb if not present onthe machine.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --db FILE        Connection URI for the database to import into. (default:
  --cache-dir DIR  Download cache dir where the tsv files from imdb will be
                   stored before the import. (default: downloads)
  --verbose        Show database interaction (default: False)

Just run the program with no arguments, and you'll get a file named imdb.db in the current working directory.


  • Make sure the disk the database is written to has sufficient space. About 5 GiB is needed.
  • Use a SSD to speed up the import.
  • To check the best case import performance, use an in-memory database: --db :memory:.


$ imdb-sqlite

2018-07-08 16:00:00,000 Populating database: imdb.db
2018-07-08 16:00:00,001 Applying schema

2018-07-08 16:00:00,005 Importing file: downloads\name.basics.tsv.gz
2018-07-08 16:00:00,005 Reading number of rows ...
2018-07-08 16:00:11,521 Inserting rows into table: people
100%|█████████████████████████| 8699964/8699964 [01:23<00:00, 104387.75 rows/s]

2018-07-08 16:01:34,868 Importing file: downloads\title.basics.tsv.gz
2018-07-08 16:01:34,868 Reading number of rows ...
2018-07-08 16:01:41,873 Inserting rows into table: titles
100%|██████████████████████████| 5110779/5110779 [00:58<00:00, 87686.98 rows/s]

2018-07-08 16:02:40,161 Importing file: downloads\title.akas.tsv.gz
2018-07-08 16:02:40,161 Reading number of rows ...
2018-07-08 16:02:44,743 Inserting rows into table: akas
100%|██████████████████████████| 3625334/3625334 [00:37<00:00, 97412.94 rows/s]

2018-07-08 16:03:21,964 Importing file: downloads\title.principals.tsv.gz
2018-07-08 16:03:21,964 Reading number of rows ...
2018-07-08 16:03:55,922 Inserting rows into table: crew
100%|███████████████████████| 28914893/28914893 [03:45<00:00, 128037.21 rows/s]

2018-07-08 16:07:41,757 Importing file: downloads\title.episode.tsv.gz
2018-07-08 16:07:41,757 Reading number of rows ...
2018-07-08 16:07:45,370 Inserting rows into table: episodes
100%|█████████████████████████| 3449903/3449903 [00:21<00:00, 158265.16 rows/s]

2018-07-08 16:08:07,172 Importing file: downloads\title.ratings.tsv.gz
2018-07-08 16:08:07,172 Reading number of rows ...
2018-07-08 16:08:08,029 Inserting rows into table: ratings
100%|███████████████████████████| 846901/846901 [00:05<00:00, 152421.27 rows/s]

2018-07-08 16:08:13,589 Creating table indices ...
2018-07-08 16:09:16,451 Import successful


The import may take a long time, since there are millions of records to process.

The above example used python 3.6.4 on windows 7, with the working directory being on a SSD.


Current status of the project is: Build Status

This project uses an automated build and release process. The module in the pypi repository is automatically built and released from the github source, upon any version tagged commit to the master branch.

Click the status link and check out the logs if you're interested in the package lineage; meaning how the released pypi module was constructed from source.

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