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Image viewers for geospatial data

Project description


Image viewers for geospatial data


This repo contains several utilities that I use on a daily basis for rapid data preview, detailed analysis, and figure generation. The tool is probably the most useful. It works well, but could use a rewrite, as it has been glommed together over the span of 4-5 years.


  • imviewer - viewer for geospatial data, overlay capabilities
  • stack_view - viewer for "stack.npz" time series output (see pygeotools), allowing for point sampling and plotting
  • iv - lightweight viewer for standard images (jpg, png, etc.)
  • review_img - lightweight viewer to identify good and bad images


  • lib/pltlib - a collection of useful functions for matplotlib plotting, including drawing vector data over raster data

Command-line Examples

Preprocessing (optional):

gdaldem hillshade $mos_fn ${mos_fn}_hs_az315.tif
gdaladdo -ro -r average --config COMPRESS_OVERVIEW LZW --config BIGTIFF_OVERVIEW YES $mos_fn 2 4 8 16 32 64
gdaladdo -ro -r average --config COMPRESS_OVERVIEW LZW --config BIGTIFF_OVERVIEW YES ${mos_fn}_hs_az315.tif 2 4 8 16 32 64

View color DEM overlaid on shaded relief map: $mos_fn -overlay ${mos_fn}_hs_az315.tif -label 'Elevation (m WGS84)'

  • By default, this will quickly load a low-resolution preview (specify -full to load full-res image)
  • Lower right corner shows coordinates and value under cursor
  • Left-click to sample image coordinates, map coordinates and raster value
  • Can specify transparency with -alpha 0.5

View with user-defined color map and limits -cmap 'RdYlBl' -clim -5 5 dem_dz_eul.tif -label 'Elevation difference (m)'

Link several images (allows for simultaneous zoom and pan): -link dem.tif image.tif velocity.tif

View polyline shapefile overlay: $mos_fn -overlay ${mos_fn}_hs_az315.tif -shp polyline.shp

Output high-quality figure with scalebar: $mos_fn -overlay ${mos_fn}_hs_az315.tif -scale x -label 'Elevation (m WGS84)' -of png -dpi 300

View time series stack: -tr 'mean' -te 'intersection' 20080101_dem.tif 20090101_dem.tif 20100101_dem.tif 20080101_dem_20100101_dem_stack_3.npz
  • Left-click to extract time series at point on any of the context maps
  • Right-click to clear all points
  • Can zoom and pan on context maps


Install the latest release from PyPI:

pip install imview 

Note: by default, this will deploy executable scripts in /usr/local/bin

Building from source

Clone the repository and install:

git clone
pip install -e imview

The -e flag ("editable mode", setuptools "develop mode") will allow you to modify source code and immediately see changes.

Core requirements


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

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