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distutils extension module - create an installer by InnoSetup.

Project description



  • You can use your customized InnoSetup Script.

  • installer metadata over setup() metadata

  • generate AppId(GUID) from setup() metadata See the innosetup.InnoScript.appid property.

  • bundle exe and com dll and dependent libs and resources

  • bundle msvcr and mfc and their manifest

  • bundle all installed InnoSetup’s language file (If there is no valid [Languages] section.)

  • create windows exe’s shortcut

  • register com_server and service

  • check the Windows version with Python version

  • fix a problem misses some modules (ex.


from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe, innosetup

# All options are same as py2exe options.
    license='PSF or other',
    url='http://www.your.domain/example', # generate AppId from this url
        'py2exe': {
            # `innosetup` gets the `py2exe`'s options.
            'compressed': True,
            'optimize': 2,
            'bundle_files': 3,
        'innosetup': {
            # user defined iss file path or iss string
            'inno_script': innosetup.DEFAULT_ISS, # default is ''
            # bundle msvc files
            'bundle_vcr': True, # default is True
            # zip setup file
            'zip': False, # default is False, bool() or zip file name
            # create shortcut to startup if you want.
            'regist_startup': True, # default is False
        {'modules': ['your_com_server_module'], 'create_exe': False},
    # and other metadata ...

Do the command innosetup. Then you get InnoSetup script file named dist\distutils.iss and the installation file named dist\<name>-<version>.exe.



  • fix a ‘MinVersion’ bug.

0.6.6, 0.6.7

  • update readme and setup script.


  • move download url to github.


  • move repository to github.

  • add a script.


  • change versioning policy (remove build number).

  • add utf-8 bom to .iss file by Jerome Ortais, thanx.

  • pick up COPYING file for [setup]/LicenseFile by Jerome Ortais, thanx.

  • add regist_startup option for create shortcut to startup.

  • fix metadata and unicode by surgo, thanx.

  • set DEFAULT_ISS to empty because Inno Setup 5.3.9 is released.

  • fix a problem that py2exe includes MinWin’s ApiSet Stub DLLs on Windows 7.

  • support bundling tcl files

  • change OutputBaseFilename

  • improve update install support

  • add DEFAULT_ISS, manifest, srcname, srcnames

  • add zip option

  • fix bundle_files=1 option problem (always bundle pythonXX.dll)

  • add DefaultGroupName, InfoBeforeFile, LicenseFile into [Setup] section

  • support service cmdline_style options

  • rewrite codes around iss file

  • improve the InnoSetup instllation path detection

  • add inno_setup_exe option

  • handle py2exe’s command options

  • add bundle_vcr option

  • first release

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