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Super lightweight Instagram web scraper for data analysis

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instascrape: powerful Instagram data scraping toolkit

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What is it?

instascrape is a lightweight Python package that provides an expressive and flexible API for scraping Instagram data. It is geared towards being a high-level building block on the data scientist's toolchain and can be seamlessly integrated and extended with industry standard tools for web scraping, data science, and analysis.

Key features

Here are a few of the things that instascrape does well:

  • Powerful, object-oriented scraping tools for profiles, posts, hashtags, reels, and IGTV
  • Scrapes HTML, BeautifulSoup, and JSON
  • Download content to your computer as png, jpg, mp4, and mp3
  • Dynamically retrieve HTML embed code for posts
  • Expressive and consistent API for concise and elegant code
  • Designed for seamless integration with Selenium, Pandas, and other industry standard tools for data collection and analysis
  • Lightweight; no boilerplate or configurations necessary
  • The only hard dependencies are Requests and Beautiful Soup
  • Proven to work as of January, 2021

Table of Contents

:computer: Installation

Minimum Python version

This library currently requires Python 3.7 or higher.


Install from PyPI using

$ pip3 install insta-scrape

WARNING: make sure you install insta-scrape and not a package with a similar name!

:mag_right: Sample Usage

All top-level, ready-to-use features can be imported using:

from instascrape import *

instascrape uses clean, consistent, and expressive syntax to make the developer experience as painless as possible.

# Instantiate the scraper objects 
google = Profile('')
google_post = Post('')
google_hashtag = Hashtag('')

# Scrape their respective data 

>>> 12262794
>>> ['growwithgoogle']
>>> 9053408

See the Scraped data points section of the Wiki for a complete list of the scraped attributes provided by each scraper.

:books: Documentation

The official documentation can be found on Read The Docs

:newspaper: Blog Posts

Check out blog posts on the official site or DEV for ideas and tutorials!

:pray: Contributing

All contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, enhancements, and ideas are welcome!

Feel free to open an Issue, check out existing Issues, or start a discussion.

Beginners to open source are highly encouraged to participate and ask questions if you're unsure what to do/where to start :heart:

:spider_web: Dependencies

:credit_card: License

This library operates under the MIT license.

:grey_question: Support

Check out the FAQ

Reach out to me if you want to connect or have any questions!

DISCLAIMER: With great power comes great responsibility. This is a research project and I am not responsible for how you use it. Independently, the library is designed to be responsible and respectful and it is up to you to decide what you do with it.

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