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Automated run-time generation of user interfaces from Python functions - command-line-args, CLI, python-interactive, python-scripted, graphical (Qt GUI)

Project description

Automated application frontend.


from intermake import Application

app = Application( "Example" )

def say_hello(n : int):
    """says hello n times"""
    print("hello " * n)


import example


  example say_hello 2
⇝ hello hello

  example help say_hello
⇝ says hello n times

  example gui
⇝ welcome to Example's graphical user interface
  *click say hello*
  *set n = 2*
⇝ *message box: hello hello*
  *click x*

  example pyi
⇝ welcome to Example's python interactive shell
⇝ hello hello

  example cli
⇝ welcome to Example's command line interactive
  say_hello 2
⇝ hello hello

  import example
⇝ hello hello

What is Intermake?

Intermake is a library that automatically provides multiple front-ends a Python application. Once an application is registered with Intermake, the following interfaces are provided:

  • Command line arguments

  • Command line interface (CLI)

  • Python interactive shell

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Python library interface (DLL)

  • Interactive Jupyter notebook

  • *Custom* front-ends are also supported


Intermake aims to avoid repetition by being *reflective*, pulling data-types from PEP484 annotations and documentation from doc-strings. However, it also aims to be *architecturally simple*, avoiding guesswork, behind the scenes magic and duck-typing where at all possible.

Intermake permits:

  • all frontends to share a common command set

  • a global application state to persist between commands

  • minimal setup (by automatically inferring datatypes and documentation)

  • standard Python functions to be used (such as print)

  • original information to be retained (i.e. functions exposed through Intermake remain unchanged)

  • applications to derive from one another

Example usage


Intermake is licensed under the [GNU AGPLv3](

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