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Pyramid application scaffolds based on

Project description

The Pyramid scaffolds in this package provide user account management based on

Pyramid is a web application framework that is the successor to Pylons and repoze.bfg. Thanks to Chris McDonough, Mike Bayer, Mike Orr, Ben Bangert and the other developers of Pyramid, Pylons and Python.


# Prepare isolated environment
virtualenv $PYRAMID_ENV
# Activate isolated environment
source $PYRAMID_ENV/bin/activate
# Install packages
pip install --upgrade ipython ipdb nose coverage distribute invisibleroads-scaffolds


# Activate isolated environment
source $PYRAMID_ENV/bin/activate
# Enter workspace
# List available scaffolds
pcreate --list-templates
# Create an application
pcreate -t ir_core example


  • Added openID support

  • Added SMSAddress registration confirmation

  • Added UploadsCached validator

  • Added utilities/

  • Changed signature for cellToggle(tdSelector, options)

  • Changed signature for $.fn.prepareTableOverlayForm($table, trSelector)

  • Fixed IE compatibility issues

  • Used jquery.tokenInput.min.js instead of jquery.autoComplete.min.js


  • Added alternate server utilities/ using gevent

  • Added autoCompleteProxy() to replace select controls that have many options

  • Added User.unpack_properties to replace unpack_user_properties

  • Added parameter SITE_DOMAIN

  • Added users.mail_users()

  • Fixed timezoneOffset initialization to handle negative offsets

  • Fixed clickToggle() so that flag matches size and color of parent

  • Moved robots.txt into static folder

  • Updated validators

  • Used request.static_path() instead of request.static_url() to support https


  • Incorporated enhancements from Pyramid 1.2

  • Updated forms to use vertical format

  • Reorganized sensitive configuration file format

  • Placed common form validators in

  • Added email notification to leaders when a new account requires activation

  • Added email notification to user when account is activated or promoted

  • Added support for form tabs and tooltips

  • Added support for formTips by className as well as name

  • Added port-locking to command-line scripts to ensure singleton instances

  • Added tests for 100% code coverage for PostgreSQL

  • Rewrote testing framework


  • Added AJAX style file uploads

  • Rewrote javascript for form enhancements

  • Rewrote javascript for table enhancements

  • Updated SMS address management interface in users/change.mako

  • Fixed evaluation of settings[‘debug_templates’]


  • Increased test coverage to 100% given SMS IMAP configuration

  • Enforced model-side case-insensitive evaluation of encrypted email addresses

  • Fixed user account administrative interface in users/index.mako

  • Added User.is_member and User.is_leader hybrid properties for flexibility

  • Updated code to be compatible with Pyramid 1.1a4


  • Restructured user roles and permissions

  • Used User.role instead of User.is_super and User.is_active

  • Used argparse instead of optparse in utilities/

  • Added users.unpack_properties() for more flexible property retrieval

  • Added row-based interface example


  • Added robots.txt with default exclusion from search engine crawlers

  • Added get_remote_ip()

  • Added $.ajaxSetup for general error handling

  • Used prop(‘disabled’, true) instead of attr(‘disabled’, ‘disabled’)

  • Used e.which instead of e.keyCode

  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.6.1


  • Changed to cryptacular.bcrypt() for password hash

  • Changed to urandom() for authtkt.secret and session.secret

  • Added server-side check for user.is_active, user.is_super

  • Let superuser activate or deactivate other users

  • Added mechanism for user to invalidate other sessions

  • Moved imapIO to a separate package in PyPI

  • Reverted SMS address registration so that users register by sending an SMS

  • Increased test coverage to 96%


  • Added test for unicode usernames, passwords, nicknames, emails

  • Fixed username, password, nickname, email to be unicode-friendly

  • Fixed tools.hash, tools.encrypt, tools.decrypt to be unicode-friendly

  • Created SQLAlchemy types Encrypted, LowercaseEncrypted

  • Encrypted the storage of email addresses

  • Let superusers promote or demote other users

  • Added redirect to login page if AJAX request does not return JSON

  • Set poolclass to sqlalchemy.NullPool for SQLite file-based databases


  • Moved whenIO to a separate package in PyPI


  • Migrated from Pylons to Pyramid

  • Changed authentication from Beaker sessions to AuthTkt cookies

  • Changed authorization from manual enforcement to ACLAuthorizationPolicy

  • Restored ability to set sensitive information in dotted configuration files

  • Updated javascript event binding to use jQuery’s live()

  • Changed SMS address registration so that user enters SMS address manually

  • Added timezone offset display functionality to whenIO

  • Added DataTables jQuery plugin to user list page

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