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ippanel sdk

Project description

IPPanel SMS api SDK

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you can install this package with either pip:

python -m pip install ippanel

or running bellow command after downloading source:

python install


For using sdk, you have to create a client instance that gives you available methods on API

from ippanel import Client

# you api key that generated from panel
api_key = "api-key"

# create client instance
sms = Client(api_key)


Credit check

# return float64 type credit amount
credit = sms.get_credit()

Send one to many

For sending sms, obviously you need originator number, recipients and message.

message_id = sms.send(
    "+9810001",          # originator
    ["98912xxxxxxx"],    # recipients
    "ippanel is awesome" # message
    "description"        # is logged

If send is successful, a unique tracking code returned and you can track your message status with that.

Get message summery

message_id = "message-tracking-code"

message = sms.get_message(message_id)

print(message.state)       # get message status
print(message.cost)        # get message cost
print(message.return_cost) # get message payback

Get message delivery statuses

message_id = "message-tracking-code"

statuses, pagination_info = sms.fetch_statuses(message_id, 0, 10)

# you can loop in messages statuses list
for status in statuses {
    print("Recipient: %s, Status: %s" % (status.recipient, status.status))

print("Total: ",

Inbox fetch

fetch inbox messages

messages, pagination_info = sms.fetch_inbox(0, 10)

for message in messages {
    print("Received message %s from number %s in line %s" % (message.message, message.sender,

Pattern create

For sending messages with predefined pattern(e.g. verification codes, ...), you hav to create a pattern. a pattern at least have a parameter.

pattern_variables = {
    "name": "string",
    "code": "integer",
code = sms.create_pattern(r"%name% is awesome, your code is %code%", "description", pattern_variables, "%", False)


Send with pattern

pattern_values = {
    "name": "IPPANEL",

message_id = sms.send_pattern(
    "t2cfmnyo0c",    # pattern code
    "+9810001",      # originator
    "98912xxxxxxx",  # recipient
    pattern_values,  # pattern values

Error checking

from ippanel import HTTPError, Error, ResponseCode

    message_id = sms.send("9810001", ["98912xxxxx"], "ippanel is awesome")
except Error as e: # ippanel sms error
    print(f"Error handled => code: {e.code}, message: {e.message}")
    if e.code == ResponseCode.ErrUnprocessableEntity.value:
        for field in e.message:
            print(f"Field: {field} , Errors: {e.message[field]}")
except HTTPError as e: # http error like network error, not found, ...
    print(f"Error handled => code: {e}")

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