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Parse and edit your ipsec configuration files

Project description

Parse and edit your ipsec configuration files (ipsec.conf)


To install ipsecparse, simply:

pip install ipsecparse


# Load the configuration from a string.

from ipsecparse import loads

conf = loads(open('/etc/ipsec.conf').read())

# The configuration is represented as a dictionnary
# (actually a subclass of OrderedDict)

# Each section of the configuration is an OrderedDict.

# Let's modify some settings:

conf['config', 'setup']['nat_traversal'] = 'yes'

conf['conn', 'myconn']['left'] = ''

# Create a connection:

conf['conn', 'mynewconn'] = {
    'leftsubnet': '',
    'right': ''

# You can also use an OrderedDict if order matters to you:

from collections import OrderedDict

conf['conn', 'mynewconn'] = OrderedDict(
    lefsubnet = '',
    right = ''

# Delete a connection:

del conf['conn', 'mynewconn']

# Same thing with certification authorities. Create a CA:

conf['ca', 'myca'] = {
    'cacert': 'MyCert.pem',
    'crluri': '',
    'auto': 'add'

# Delete it:

del conf['ca', 'myca']

# Add an include:

conf['include', '/etc/ipsec.d/ipsec.include'] = True

# Delete it:

del conf['include', '/etc/ipsec.d/ipsec.include']

# Display the new configuration as a string:


# with four spaces indents instead of the default tabulations:

print(conf.dumps(indent = '    '))

# Replace the old configuration file:

with open('/etc/ipsec.conf', 'w') as fd:

# Search for connections inside the configuration.
# Pass a callable to the `conn_filter` method.

for name, section in conf.conn_filter(
    lambda conn: conn.get('leftsubnet') == ''
    section['auto'] = 'start'

# Or use the Key and Keys class
# (just to make queries a bit shorter)

from ipsecparse import Key, Keys

for name, section in conf.conn_filter(
    Key('leftsubnet') == ''
    section['auto'] = 'start'

for name, section in conf.conn_filter(
    Keys('left', 'right').contains('')
    del conf['conn', name]

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