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Contains hooks and utilities for Subversion

Project description

What is iw.subversion ?

This package contains helpers for SVN integration. To install it, just run:

$ python install


In a community project, opened to various contributors, there are a few things to take care of in order not to break the code. I am not talking about code reviewing but about bad code editing that brakes it all.

Most frequent errors are:

  • <tab> insertions, that get mixed with space-based indentation

  • carriage return insertion, before line feeds with some weird windows editors

Instead of tracking the developers that commited such things, and send them an army of white rabbits, an automatic code check is way better. It is not a good idea though, to clean up incoming code. The best thing to do is to block unwanted changes and warn the commiters, so they learn about it.

iw.subversion provides a svn_check_source console script to do it. This script has to be called in the pre-commit hook script (look up in SVN documentation). The call should look like:

svn_check_source "$REPOS" "$TXN" || exit 1

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