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A command line interface for rendering Jinja2 templates.

Project description

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Render Jinja2 templates on the command line using a YAML, JSON or HCL file as input for the render context.


j2y is installed using pip:

$ pip install j2y

Alternatively you can install directly from Github master branch:

$ pip install git+


By default, the j2cli command takes a YAML file as input:

$ j2cli template.j2 < values.yaml

Alternatively you can use JSON or HCL as input format:

$ j2cli template.j2 -f json < values.json
$ j2cli template.j2 -f hcl < values.hcl

It’s also possible to provide multiple input files:

$ j2cli template.j2 --context v1.yaml --context v2.yaml

Run j2cli -h to see all available options.

Template Variables

Additionally to the variables provided by the input file, j2cli also provides built-in default variables. These variables are:

Type: datetime

Value: Current UTC datetime object


Type: dict

Value: Output of platform.uname()


Type: dict

Value: All environment variables (output of os.environ).

Local Development


Create a virtualenv and install the package as develop egg:

$ python -m venv env
$ source env/bin/activate
(env) $ pip install -e .


At the moment there are very simple test cases only. Test are written as Python doctests and run using pytest:

(env) $ pip install -e ".[test]"
(env) $ pytest

Pytest additionally runs the black linter and mypy static type checker.


The tests located in the docs/ folder can also be built into HTML using Sphinx:

(env) $ sphinx-build -E -W docs/ _build/

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