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A peewee database migration manager

Project description


a peewee database migration manager (in development)


The peewee ORM has limited migration support through its extension, playhouse. A SchemaMigrator is supplied that can run schema-altering statements, but there is no concept of versioning the database. By giving your database a version number, jambi can help you keep your database schema revisions organized, and allows you to incrementally upgrade if desired.

Getting Started

  • install with pip

    pip install jambi

  • create a jambi config file in your favorite directory

    cd myproj/db && touch jambi.conf

  • see the section entitled ‘Configuration’ to learn about what must be in jambi.conf

  • run jambi!

    jambi --help

Supported Operations

init – create the jambi table and set the version to 0

inspect – return the database’s current version

latest – retuns the latest migration version

upgrade <version> – upgrade your database to the supplied version

makemigration – generate a new migration version from template


Jambi needs to know how to connect to your database, and where your migrations are stored, which can be conveyed though the jambi.conf configuration file. Currently jambi only supports PostgreSQL, but support for others wouldn’t be hard to implement – feel free to make a pull request!) Jambi will look for your configuration file in your current working directory.

Here is an example jambi.conf, set up to connect to a vanilla postgres database:




Pull requests are welcome, and please open issues for any bugs, enhancements, or feature requests.


I claim no responsibility for bugs or other misuse of this tool resulting in loss of data or any other unintended side-effect. This is still an alpha release, so don’t expect too much. (see: Contributing).

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