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Python jsonl query engine

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JF, aka “jndex fingers” or more commonly “json filter pipeline”, is a jq-clone written in python. It supports evaluation of python one-liners, making it especially appealing for data scientists who are used to working with python.


pip install jf

Basic usage

Filter selected fields

$ cat samples.jsonl | jf '{id:, subject: x.fields.subject}'
{"id": "87086895", "subject": "Swedish children stories"}
{"id": "87114792", "subject": "New Finnish storybooks"}


supported formats:

  • json (uncompressed, gzip, bz2)

  • jsonl (uncompressed, gzip, bz2)

  • yaml (uncompressed, gzip, bz2)

  • csv and xlsx support if pandas and openpyxl is installed

  • markdown table output support

  • xlsx (excel)

  • parquet


  • import and use python modules with –import

  • import additional json for merging and joining using –import name=filename.json

  • initialize transformations with –init

  • access json dict as classes with dot-notation for attributes

  • datetime and timedelta comparison

    • age() for timedelta between datetime and current time

  • first(N), last(N), islice(start, stop, step)

    • head and tail alias for last and first

  • firstnlast(N) (or headntail(N))

  • import your own modules for more complex filtering and transformations

    • Support stateful classes for complex interactions between items

  • sklearn toolbox for machine learning

  • running restful service for the transformation pipeline

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