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CLI tools for media file editing, wrapping FFmpeg and others

Project description


CLI tools for media file editing, wrapping FFmpeg and others

Install with pip (add sudo if necessary):

python3 -m pip install joker-studio



dio crop -c 0 0 .1 .2 -t 120 60 myvideo.mp4

This command will

  • remove the leading 2 minutes and trailing 1 minute
  • crop 10% at bottom and 20% on the left
  • save result as myvideo.crop.mp4 (original myvideo.mp4 untouched)


Convert multiple .ts videos to .mp4:

dio conv video1.ts video2.ts

Extract audio from video as .mp3:

dio conv -f mp3 -f myvideo.mp4


Split a video into 4 segments of equal duration:

dio split -n 4 myvideo.mp4

Split into segments, each (but the last one) of duration 5 minutes (300 seconds):

dio split -s 300 myvideo.mp4


Add 10 sec audio fade-in, 6 sec video fade-in, 4 sec video fade-out

dio fade -a 10 0 -v 6 4 myvideo.mp4

Burn subtitle

This command generates a video with hard subtitle named myvideo.wSub.mp4

dio sub -s myvideo.mp4

Rename files

Remove all "unsafe" characters on Unix-like systems, i.e. characters you should quote in shell scripts, and invalid characters on Microsoft Windows:

dio ren -f san *.jpg

Rename waterlife.jpg to img-800x600.waterlife.jpg:

dio ren -f img waterlife.jpg

Rename lightning.jpg to ih-F8F07B7F3F0E0E0F.lightning.jpg, where F8F07B7F3F0E0E0F is an imagehash

dio ren -f ih lightning.jpg

More info:

dio ren -h

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