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Project description


As of 2016-01-01, this package is deprecated, and all code and scripts is merged into `jottalib`. So go get that one.


A cli friendly sync client for `JottaCloud <>`__.

It will sync your directory tree with JottaCloud, just like the official

**Note. This a third-party, not an official client.**

Is it safe?

Being based on a reverse engineering of the protocol, things may break
in unexpected ways. *Don't rely on this as your sole backup* unless you
manually verify that the data is correctly transferred. **The authors
won't be held responsible for any data loss.**

How to get it



pip install jottacloudclient

How to use it

Run ```` at some interval:


python <top dir of your local tree> <the mount point on jottacloud>

The *top dir* is just an existing directory on your system that you want
to backup.

The *mount point* is a path on JottaCloud. It's put together from a
combination of **an existing device name**, **an existing backupdir**
and **a folder name** (that will be created if it doesn't exist). Like
this: ``/<devicename>/<backupdir>/<foldername>``



python /mnt/pictures /mybox/backup/pictures

How it works

The basic operation on the JottaCloud servers is to *make file level
backups*. Unlike data-level protocols like ``rsync``, the JottaCloud
protocol does not seem to support `delta
encoding <>`__, so file
syncing needs to happen by copying the full file content.

To determine if a file needs to be updated, **Jotta Cloud Client** will
compare the `md5 hash <>`__ of the local
file with the one that the JottaCloud server reports. If the hashes
differ, the client will upload the file. This is akin to how the
official JottaCloud client works.


The program needs to know your password to JottaCloud. There are two
ways to do this.


Create a ``$HOME/.netrc`` file with this entry:


machine jottacloud
login <yourusername>
password <yourpassword>

Make sure noone else can see it: ``chmod 0600 $HOME/.netrc``.

environment variables

the running environment:



But it's not finished!

But it's not very advanced!

Geez, you should've added *super bright idea* already!

Want to help out? Read the document and get cracking!

Send pull requests to `the git
tree <>`__ or `start
fleshing out details in a bug
report <>`__.

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