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Japanese tokenizer with transformers library

Project description

jptranstokenizer: Japanese Tokenzier for transformers

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This is a repository for japanese tokenizer with HuggingFace library.
You can use JapaneseTransformerTokenizer like transformers.BertJapaneseTokenizer.
issue は日本語でも大丈夫です。


Documentations are available on readthedoc.


pip install jptranstokenizer


This is the example to use jptranstokenizer.JapaneseTransformerTokenizer with sentencepiece model of nlp-waseda/roberta-base-japanese and Juman++.
Before the following steps, you need to install pyknp and Juman++.

>>> from jptranstokenizer import JapaneseTransformerTokenizer
>>> tokenizer = JapaneseTransformerTokenizer.from_pretrained("nlp-waseda/roberta-base-japanese")
>>> tokens = tokenizer.tokenize("外国人参政権")
# tokens: ['▁外国', '▁人', '▁参政', '▁権']

Note that different dependencies are required depending on the type of tokenizer you use.
See also Quickstart on Read the Docs


There will be another paper. Be sure to check here again when you cite.

This Implementation

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