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A straightforward and unambiguous config file parser.

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A straightforward and unambiguous config file parser.

This package was originally based on the configparser module that comes in the standard python distribution but has been almost entirely rewritten.

The main branch won’t support python 2 as it is missing keyword only arguments and ChainMap is not in the standard library. If you need legacy support then there are a couple of forks which look like they do the job.


Available on pypi as json-config-parser

To install run

pip install json-config-parser

Alternatively grab the code from github and run:

python install


Files are structured using square bracket sections, # comments and $key = $value options. Option values are written in json and can lists and dictionaries be spread over any number of lines. To keep parsing simple and files neat, comments, section headers and keys can not be indented and no whitespace is allowed on empty lines.

Comments start at the beginning of a line with a # symbol and extend to the line’s end.


cfg = JSONConfigParser()

number = 3.141592654
dictionary = {"key": "value"}
list = [1,
nested = {"list": [1,2,3]}
true = true
none = null

# settings in the default section are inherited
# by all other sections.
default-setting = "default"

# read a setting
cfg.get("section", "number")

# read a setting using index notation

# settings inherited from DEFAULT
cfg.get("section", "default-setting")


Please report any problems on the bugtracker and I will do my best to fix them. Pull requests are also welcome.

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