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Tool to generate Python types based on TypedDict from a JSON Schema

Project description

JSON Schema generate Python types

Tools to generate Python types based on TypedDict from a JSON schema

Quick start


python3 -m pip install --user jsonschema-gentypes

Convert a JSON schema to a Python file contains the types:

jsonschema-gentypes --json-schema=<JSON schema> --python=<destination Python file>

Config file

You can also write a config file named jsonschema-gentypes.yaml with:

headers: >
  # Automatically generated file from a JSON schema
# Used to correctly format the generated file
  - - black
  - - isort
  - # JSON schema file path
    source: jsonschema_gentypes/schema.json
    # Python file path
    destination: jsonschema_gentypes/
    # The name of the root element
    root_name: Config
    # Argument passed to the API
      additional_properties: Only explicit
    # Rename an element
    name_mapping: {}
    # The minimum Python version that the code should support. By default the
    # currently executing Python version is chosen. Note that the output
    # may require typing_extensions to be installed.
    python_version: '3.11'

And just run:



The default values are exported in the Python file, then you can do something like that:

value_with_default = my_object.get('field_name', my_schema.FIELD_DEFAULT)


Requires Python 3.8

See the issues with label "limitation".

Pre-commit hooks

This project provides pre-commit hooks to automatically generate the files.

  - repo:
    rev: <version> # Use the ref you want to point at
      - id: jsonschema-gentypes
        files: |

See also the pre_commit section in the configuration to run the pre-commit just after the generation, for example with:

  enabled: true
    - --color=never


We can also generate types for OpenAPI3 schemas (automatically detected).

The result of our example in tests/openapi3.json can be used in pyramid with for example:

import pyramid.request
from pyramid.view import view_config
from openaoi3 import *

def open_api(func):
    def wrapper(request: pyramid.request.Request, **kwargs) -> Any:
        typed_request = {}
            typed_request{'request_body'} = request.json
        except Exception as e:
        typed_request{'path'} = request.matchdict
        typed_request{'query'} = request.params

        return = func(request, request_typed=typed_request, **kwargs)

    return wrapper

@view_config(route_name="route_name", renderer="json")
def view(
  request: pyramid.request.Request,
  request_typed: OgcapiCollectionsCollectionidGet,
) -> OgcapiCollectionsCollectionidGetResponse:
    return {...}


Install the pre-commit hooks:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit install --allow-missing-config

The prospector tests should pass.

The code should be typed.

The code should be tested with pytests.

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