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A log handler for the Python logging module, emitting logs to Kafka topics.

Project description

Kafka Python Log Handler

Handler for the standard logging module which puts logs through to Kafka. The current implementation is very basic to accommodate our needs, but additional functionality may be coming when the parent project grows.


This was developed in Python 3.6.7, using kafka-python 1.4.3 and Kafka 2.12


Tests will try to connect to a Kafka instance via the defaults. Optionally setting KAFKA_HOST and KAFKA_PORT to the appropriate location on your machine will change this.

Install the dev requirements

    $ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Set the pre-commit hook

    $ pre-commit install

How to use

The only necessary thing to create this handler is a topic to push the values to. Optionally, a key and/or partition may be provided. Any additional keyword-value configuration provided to the Handler will be used to initialize the kafka.KafkaProducer.

To add a handler to the python logger is very simple:

import logging

from kafka_handler import KafkaLogHandler

handler = KafkaLogHandler(topic="example_topic", key="example_key")  # Default parameters for Kafka connection are used

logger = logging.getLogger()  # No name gives you the root logger

logger.warning("This will push this message to the 'example_topic' in Kafka.")

Configuring Kafka Connection

By default each handler will create a kafka.KafkaProducer instance, passing on each argument from their __init__(**kwargs) to the KafkaProducer's instantiation. This means you can configure the connection as specific as you'd like, but every argument should be provided with its keyword; Handler(host="localhost") instead of Handler("localhost"). All available configuration options are available in the kafka-python documentation.

handler = KafkaLogHandler(topic="topic", bootstrap_servers="other_host:9092", retries=0)

Configure message logging

Every handler has the raw_logging option which can be provided optionally. Omitting it from the initialisation, will default it to False, meaning the message being logged will be purely what's sent. If you set it to True, first the content will be logged, then appended to the line number and finally the pathname.

raw_handler = KafkaLogHandler(topic="topic", raw_logging=True)
..."Test message")

A pure handler would emit a message like so: Test message.,
the raw_handler however, will emit a message like so: Test message. - 2: /.../

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