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Kivy application library on steroids

Project description

Kaki - Advanced application library for Kivy

This library enhance Kivy frameworks with opiniated features such as:

  • Auto reloading kv or py (watchdog required, limited to some uses cases)
  • Idle detection support
  • Foreground lock (windows only)


This is a bootstrap that will:

  • automatically declare the module live.ui (live/ as a provider for the widget UI
  • build the application widget, and show it to a window

If the bootstrap is started with the environment variable DEBUG=1, it will start a watchdog, and listen for changes, according to AUTORELOADER_PATHS. When something changes, the current application widget will be cleared out, and a new one will be instanciated, after reloading.

from import App
from kivy.factory import Factory

class Live(App):
    CLASSES = {
        "UI": "live.ui"
        (".", {"recursive": True}),
    def build_app(self):
        return Factory.UI()


Application class configuration

#: Control either we activate debugging in the app or not
#: Defaults depend if "DEBUG" exists in os.environ
DEBUG = "DEBUG" in os.environ

#: If true, it will require the foreground lock on windows

#: List of KV files under management for auto reloader

#: List of path to watch for autoreloading
    # (".", {"recursive": False}),

#: List of extensions to ignore
    "*.pyc", "*__pycache__*"]

#: Factory classes managed by kaki

#: Idle detection (if True, event on_idle/on_wakeup will be fired)
#: Rearming idle can also be done with rearm_idle()

#: Auto install idle detection check when activated

#: Default idle timeout

#: Raise error
#: When the DEBUG is activated, it will raise any error instead
#: of showing it on the screen. If you still want to show the error
#: when not in DEBUG, put this to False

Idle Management

The idle detection feature is designed to trigger an action if the user has not touched the screen for a certain period of time. This can be used to display an attractor screen, screensaver, or other content.

To enable idle detection, set the IDLE_DETECTION configuration to True. Kaki will then listen for touch down/move events. If no such events occur within the IDLE_TIMEOUT interval, or if the rearm_idle function has not been called, the on_idle event will be triggered on the application class. If a touch event occurs or rearm_idle is called while the system is in idle mode, the on_wakeup event will be triggered on the application class.

If you are playing a video and do not want idle detection to be triggered, you can use the rearm_idle function on the application class to reset the idle timer to 0 seconds.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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