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Configuration manager

Project description

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configuration parser.


$ pip install kaptan

Also available as a package on FreeBSD, Debian, Arch Linux and Slackware.


supported handlers

  • dict
  • json
  • yaml
  • .ini
  • python file

default (dict) handler

config = kaptan.Kaptan()
    'environment': 'DEV',
    'redis_uri': 'redis://localhost:6379/0',
    'debug': False,
    'pagination': {
        'per_page': 10,
        'limit': 20,

print config.get("pagination.limit")

# output: 20

json handler

config = kaptan.Kaptan(handler="json")
config.import_config('{"everything": 42}')

print config.get("everything")
# output: 42

yaml handler

config = kaptan.Kaptan(handler="yaml")
    value: 12.65
      1. TL
      2. EURO
print config.get("product.price.currency_list.0")
# output: TL

or you can get from directly from the filename:


.ini handler


database_uri = mysql://root:123456@localhost/posts

database_uri = mysql://poor_user:poor_password@localhost/poor_posts
config = kaptan.Kaptan(handler="ini")

print config.get("production.database_uri")
# output: mysql://poor_user:poor_password@localhost/poor_posts

file handler

DATABASE = 'mysql://root:123456@localhost/posts'
DEBUG = False
    'per_page': 10,
    'limit': 20,
config = kaptan.Kaptan(handler="file")

print config.get("DEBUG")
# output: False

exporting configuration

config = kaptan.Kaptan(handler="file")
    'environment': 'DEV',
    'redis_uri': 'redis://localhost:6379/0',
    'debug': False,
    'pagination': {
        'per_page': 10,
        'limit': 20,

print config.export("yaml")


debug: false
environment: DEV
pagination: {limit: 20, per_page: 10}
redis_uri: redis://localhost:6379/0

print config.export("json")

outputs unindented json. .export accepts kwargs which pass into json.dumps.

print config.export("json", indent=4)


    "environment": "DEV",
    "debug": false,
    "pagination": {
        "per_page": 10,
        "limit": 20
    "redis_uri": "redis://localhost:6379/0"

config.export('yaml') also supports the kwargs for pyyaml.

New in Version 0.5.7: config.export('yaml', safe=True) will use .safe_dump.


exporting (defaults to json)

$ echo "environment: DEV" > config.yaml
$ kaptan config.yaml --export json > config.json
$ cat config.json
{"environment": "DEV"}

getting a value

$ kaptan config.yaml --key environment

specifying the handler

$ mv config.yaml config.settings
$ kaptan config.settings:yaml --export json
{"environment": "DEV"}

config from stdin

$ echo '{"source": "stdin"}' | kaptan -
{"source": "stdin"}
$ echo 'source: stdin' | kaptan -:yaml
{"source": "stdin"}

merging configs

$ echo "environment: PROD" > config.settings
$ echo '{"source": "stdin"}' | kaptan - config.json config.settings:yaml
{"environment": "PROD", "source": "stdin"}

setting default handler

$ echo "source: stdin" | kaptan --handler yaml - config.settings
{"environment": "PROD", "source": "stdin"}

writing json with yaml

$ kaptan -:yaml -e json
<type yaml here>
<Ctrl + D>
<get json here>

running tests

with py.test:

$ py.test

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