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Keyboard Heatmap

This project helps to create heatmap of keys in keyboard for some given text. Supports Nepali नेपाली keyboard layout, the popular बकमान(bakamana) for now and the usual qwerty layout. Other layouts will be added in due course.


Use pip to install

pip install kbhmap

Or if you want the bleeding edge version, do the following

Clone the repository and run setup.

git clone
cd KeyboardHeatmap
python3 install

You will find an executable kbhmap in your path.


kbhmap --help shows the following

Usage: kbhmap [OPTIONS]

  a tool to generate the keyboard heatmap. It reads the text from  the input
  file and generates the heatmap. The heatmap can be configured.  The output
  heatmap image is saved in a file with name passed  as the `output`
  parameter. The smoothness of the heatmap can be controlld with `-s
  --sigma` option. The resolution of th output image can be set with `-d
  --dpi` parameter.

  -i, --input TEXT                input file name
  -o, --output TEXT               output file name
  -l, --layout [qwerty|bakamana]  keyboard layout to use
  -s, --sigma FLOAT               sigma value to smoothen heatmap
  -c, --cmap TEXT                 colormap to use
  -d, --dpi INTEGER               dpi of resulting image
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


For example if you want to see the heatmap of keys in a file named test.txt and output the heatmap image as heatmap_test.png you will do the following

kbhmap -i test.txt -o heatmap_test.png

You can configure other options. Cmap takes any valid matplotlib color map. passing --dpi=100 sets the dpi of output image to 100. The smoothing --sigma parameter is to smooth out the heatmap. Since the keys have precise location they will have high density at the key location and sharp fall at th key edge. If sigma is supplied it applies gaussian smoothing to the heatmap to make it smoother and nicer.

See notebook for usage as a library.


Example heatmap for QWERTY An example heatmap

Example heatmap for बकमान An example heatmap

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