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Ket Quantum Programming Language interpreter and library.

Project description

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Ket Quantum Programming Language

Ket is a Python-embedded language for hybridity classical-quantum programming.

Table of contents:

Code examples

Random Number Generation

# random.ket
def random(n_bits):
  with run():
     q = quant(n_bits)
     return measure(q).value

n_bits = 32
print(n_bits, 'bits random number:', random(n_bits))
$ ket random.ket
32 bits random number: 3830764503

Quantum Teleportation:

# teleport.ket
def teleport(alice : quant) -> quant:
    alice_b, bob_b = quant(2)
    ctrl(H(alice_b), X, bob_b)

    ctrl(alice, X, alice_b)

    m0 = measure(alice)
    m1 = measure(alice_b)

    if m1 == 1:
    if m0 == 1:

    return bob_b

alice = quant(1)         # alice = |0⟩
H(alice)                 # alice = |+⟩
Z(alice)                 # alice = |–⟩
bob = teleport(alice)    # bob  <- alice
H(bob)                   # bob   = |1⟩
bob_m = measure(bob)

print('Expected measure 1, result =', bob_m.value)
$ ket teleport.ket
Expected measure 1, result = 1


$ ket -h
usage: ket [-h] [--version] [-o OUT] [-s SEED] .ket

Ket interpreter

positional arguments:
  .ket                  source code

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit


Available installation methods:

Installing with pip

Installing from PyPI:

$ pip install ket-lang

Installing latest Gitlab CI build:

$ pip install "`wget -O- -q | awk -F\' '{print $2}'`-py3-none-manylinux_2_17_x86_64.manylinux2014_x86_64.whl?job=wheelhouse"

Installing from source


To install from source runs:

$ git clone
$ cd ket
$ ./util/
$ python install

This project is part of the Ket Quantum Programming, see the documentation for more information

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