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Project Description

kids.vcs is a Python library providing GIT helpers. Would have named it kids.git if it didn’t messed everything with github.

It’s part of ‘Kids’ (for Keep It Dead Simple) library.


using kids.vcs:

  • You can manage and access your git repository, commits, logs, or git config.


Tis code is python2 and python3 ready. It wasn’t tested on windows.


You don’t need to download the GIT version of the code as kids.vcs is available on the PyPI. So you should be able to run:

pip install kids.vcs

If you have downloaded the GIT sources, then you could add install the current version via traditional:

python install

And if you don’t have the GIT sources but would like to get the latest master or branch from github, you could also:

pip install git+

Or even select a specific revision (branch/tag/commit):

pip install git+


Let’s play with a new git repository, let’s first create temporary directory:

>>> from __future__ import print_function

>>> import tempfile, os
>>> old_cwd = os.getcwd()
>>> tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
>>> os.chdir(tmpdir)

Let’s now create a real git repository:

>>> from import wrap

>>> _ = wrap("""
...     ## Creating repository
...     mkdir repos
...     cd repos
...     git init .
...     git config ""
...     git config "The Committer"
... """)

We can now already access it:

>>> from kids.vcs import GitRepos

>>> r = GitRepos("repos")

By default, the current directory is used and the top-most git repository that contains the current directory will be used as the master git repository.

Access core informations

You can get interesting information fron the git repository itself:

>>> print(r.toplevel)

>>> r.bare

>>> print(r.gitdir)

Read git config

We can access the config thanks to:

>>> r.config

>>> print(r.config["core.filemode"])

Git commit access

We can access interesting information per commit, for the following we need actually to commit something:

>>> _ = wrap(r"""
...     cd repos
...     ## Adding first file
...     echo 'Hello' > a
...     git add a
...     git commit -m 'new: first commit' \
...         --author 'Bob <>' \
...         --date '2000-01-01 10:00:00'
...     git tag 0.0.1
...     ## Adding second file
...     echo 'Second file' > b
...     git add b
...     ## Notice there are no section here.
...     git commit -m 'added ``b``, what a summary !' \
...         --author 'Alice <>' \
...         --date '2000-01-02 11:00:00'
...     git tag 0.0.2
... """)

Now we can:

>>> r.commit("HEAD")
<GitCommit 'HEAD'>

And several informations are available:

>>> print(r.commit("HEAD").author_name)
>>> print(r.commit("master").subject)
added ``b``, what a summary !

You can access to all of these:

>>> from kids.vcs import GIT_FORMAT_KEYS

>>> print(", ".join(sorted(GIT_FORMAT_KEYS)))
author_date, author_date_timestamp, author_name, body,
committer_date_timestamp, committer_name, raw_body, sha1, subject

There’s a convienience attribute date also:

>>> print(r.commit("0.0.2").date)


You can get the list of tags:

>>> r.tags
[<GitCommit ...'0.0.1'>, <GitCommit ...'0.0.2'>]


You can access all commits via:

>>> list(r.log())
[<GitCommit ...>, <GitCommit ...>]

and provide wich commit ancestry to include or to exclude (see git log):

>>> list(r.log(includes=["HEAD", ], excludes=["0.0.1", ]))
[<GitCommit ...>]


Any suggestion or issue is welcome. Push request are very welcome, please check out the guidelines.

Push Request Guidelines

You can send any code. I’ll look at it and will integrate it myself in the code base and leave you as the author. This process can take time and it’ll take less time if you follow the following guidelines:

  • check your code with PEP8 or pylint. Try to stick to 80 columns wide.
  • separate your commits per smallest concern.
  • each commit should pass the tests (to allow easy bisect)
  • each functionality/bugfix commit should contain the code, tests, and doc.
  • prior minor commit with typographic or code cosmetic changes are very welcome. These should be tagged in their commit summary with !minor.
  • the commit message should follow gitchangelog rules (check the git log to get examples)
  • if the commit fixes an issue or finished the implementation of a feature, please mention it in the summary.

If you have some questions about guidelines which is not answered here, please check the current git log, you might find previous commit that would show you how to deal with your issue.


Copyright (c) 2015 Valentin Lab.

Licensed under the BSD License.


0.0.1 (2015-02-05)

  • First import. [Valentin Lab]
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