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A python wrapper for the Kismet database

Project description

Kismet database wrapper

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Install from PyPI with pip install kismetdb

Install from source with with pip install .

In the Python interpreter:

import json
import kismetdb
kismet_log_file = "kismet/"
alerts = kismetdb.Alerts(kismet_log_file)

# Get alert metadata
all_alerts_meta = alerts.get_meta()
for alert in all_alerts_meta:

# Get payload from all alerts
all_alerts = alerts.get_all()
for alert in all_alerts:

Included scripts

Alongside the Python library, several commands are installed:

  • kismet_log_devices_to_json

  • kismet_log_to_csv

  • kismet_log_to_kml

  • kismet_log_to_pcap

  • kismet_log_devices_to_filebeat_json

Following any of the prior commands with --help will provide details on usage.


In order to test, you must place a kismet sqlite log file at tests/assets/testdata.kismet_4 and tests/assets/testdata.kismet_5, which are Kismet version 4 and 5 databases, respectively.

Testing happens in a Docker build process:

Testing for Python 2.7:

docker build .

Testing for Python 3.6:

docker build --build-arg PY_VER=3.6 .

Testing for Python 3.7:

docker build --build-arg PY_VER=3.7 .



  • Assume the last version of the db-specific fields and converters if no other version found [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]


  • Handle missing SYSTEM snapshots during Kismet processing [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]


  • Add DataPackets handler [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]


  • Fix JSON blob type extractor for DataSources [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #3

  • Add JSON blob type extractor for Snapshots [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]


  • Make RST doc levels happy. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Hopefully make docs happy. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Add self to docs. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Fix changelog. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Fix RST? [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Docs. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Ignore vim. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Enable classes Bump version Add integer version. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Add snapshots class Add kismet class for server info derived from snapshots. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Add float comparators Add string LIKE comparators. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Add defaults for db6. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Add support for database version 6. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Add license file now that it’s a submodule. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

  • Minor commit to trigger mirror. [Mike Kershaw / Dragorn]

v5.1.0 (2019-02-16)


  • Include version-specific converters. [Ash Wilson]

    This allows us to, for instance, ensure that all GPS coordinates are returned as float-type values, across all database versions, no matter how they were originally stored in the database.

    Closes #22

  • Support v4 as well as v5 Kismet databases. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #19

  • Add kismet_log_devices_to_filebeat_json. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #17

v5.0.0 (2019-02-12)


  • Support v5 schema. [Ash Wilson]

v4.0.3 (2019-02-05)


  • Updated docs, added simplekml requirement. [Ash Wilson]

    Closes #8 Closes #7

  • Adding docs to be built by Sphinx. [Ash Wilson]

  • Scripts automatically install with Python package. [Ash Wilson]

    Added generator function yield_rows() to all abstractions.

  • Initial working commit. [Ash Wilson]

    In order to run integration tests, you need a Kismet db at tests/assets/testdata.kismet.

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