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a simple deserializer / serializer for Koikatu / EmotionCreators data.

Project description


A simple deserializer / serializer for Koikatu / EmotionCreators character data.



You can install this module from PyPI.

$ pip install kkloader

If this does not work, try the following command (for Windows users, maybe).

$ python -m pip install kkloader

Basic Usage

$ python
>>> from kkloader import KoikatuCharaData # Load a module.
>>> kc = KoikatuCharaData.load("./data/kk_chara.png") # Load a character data.
>>> kc["Parameter"]["nickname"] # Print character's nickname.
>>> kc["Parameter"]["nickname"] = "chikarin" # Renaming nickname.
>>>"./kk_chara_modified.png") # Save to `kk_chara_modified.png`.

that's it :)

Mechanism of the Blockdata

A character data of koikatu consists of some blockdata. The blockdata is a collection of character parameters. A typical Koikatsu character data contains the following blockdata:

name of blockdata description
Custom Values for the character's face, body, and hairstyle.
Coordinate Values for clothes and accessories worn by characters.
Parameter Values for character names, birthdays, preferences, etc.
Status Values for clothed states, etc. (I'm not sure how they are used in the game)
About userID & dataID (added from Koikatu Sunshine)
KKEx Values used in MOD

You can check which block data exists from blockdata in KoikatuCharaData.

>>> kc.blockdata
['Custom', 'Coordinate', 'Parameter', 'Status']

If there is block data in an unknown format, it can be checked with unknown_blockdata.

Access to Blockdata

The blockdata can be accessed as a member variable of the KoikatuCharaData class, or accessed as a dictionary.

>>> kc.Custom
<kkloader.KoikatuCharaData.Custom object at 0x7f406bf18460>
>>> kc["Custom"]
<kkloader.KoikatuCharaData.Custom object at 0x7f406bf18460>

So, these lines both access the same kc.Custom.

Find Variables

By using the prettify method, the contents of the variables contained in the block of data will be displayed in an easy-to-read format. This is useful to find which variables exists.

>>> kc["Custom"].prettify()
  "face": {
    "version": "0.0.2",
    "shapeValueFace": [
    "headId": 0,
    "skinId": 0,
    "detailId": 0,
    "detailPower": 0.41674190759658813,

Export to JSON file

from kkloader import KoikatuCharaData

k = KoikatuCharaData.load("./data/kk_chara.png")


  "product_no": 100,
  "header": "\u3010KoiKatuChara\u3011",
  "version": "0.0.0",
  "Custom": {
    "face": {
      "version": "0.0.2",
      "shapeValueFace": [

If you add include_image=True to the argument of save_json, base64-encoded images will be included in json.


Rename Character's Name

from kkloader import KoikatuCharaData

k = KoikatuCharaData.load("./data/kk_chara.png")
k["Parameter"]["lastname"] = "春野"
k["Parameter"]["firstname"] = "千佳"
k["Parameter"]["nickname"] = "ちかりん""./data/kk_chara_modified")

Set the Height of Character to 50

from kkloader import KoikatuCharaData

k = KoikatuCharaData.load("./data/kk_chara.png")
k["Custom"]["body"]["shapeValueBody"][0] = 0.5"./data/kk_chara_modified.png")  

Remove Swim Cap

from kkloader import KoikatuCharaData

k = KoikatuCharaData.load("./data/kk_chara.png")
for i,c in enumerate(k["Coordinate"]):
    for n,p in enumerate(c["accessory"]["parts"]):
        if p["id"] == 5:
            k["Coordinate"][i]["accessory"]["parts"][n]["type"] = 120"./data/kk_chara_modified.png")  

Remove Under Hair

from kkloader import KoikatuCharaData
kc = KoikatuCharaData.load("./data/kk_chara.png")
kc["Custom"]["body"]["underhairId"] = 0"./data/kk_chara_modified.png")


You need Python 3.9 and poetry command (you can install with pip install poetry).

  1. Fork this repository and then pull.
  2. Do make install to install dependencies.
  3. Create a new branch and make change the code.
  4. Do make format and make check
  5. When you passed make check, then push the code and make pull request on this repository.


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