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Read and convert grids from KMS.

Project description

kmsgrid is a small utility that makes it easy to work with the various datum grid files made by KMS/DTU for the transformation library TrLib (KMSTrans).

Using kmsgrid

kmsgrid is both a Python module and a command line utility.

Command line

The kmsgrid command line utility comprises two sub-utilities: “info” and “translate”.

$ kmsgrid --help
usage: kmsgrid [-h] {translate,info,help} ...

Read binary grid files from trlib.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  Valid subcommands

                        additional help


The info sub-command is used for getting information about a grid. Information can be queried about a single point, or about the entire file.

$ kmsgrid info --help
usage: kmsgrid info [-h] [--datum] [--mode] [--point I J] grid

positional arguments:
  grid         Binary grid file.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --point I J  Value(s) at a grid index (I,J). Prints values from all
               dimensions of the grid.

Get information about a 3D grid:

$ kmsgrid info nkgrf03vel.01
      filename:  nkgrf03vel.01
    dimensions:  3
        latmin:  53.0
        latmax:  73.0
        lonmin:  3.0
        lonmax:  40.0
   data[0].min:  -0.96
   data[0].max:  1.75
  data[0].mean:  0.204704
   data[1].min:  -1.65
   data[1].max:  0.86
  data[1].mean:  -0.194318
   data[2].min:  -0.72
   data[2].max:  9.97
  data[2].mean:  2.34521
          dlat:  0.0833333333333
          dlon:  0.166666666667
          nlat:  241
          nlon:  223
         datum:  ITRF19yy/20yy
          mode:  KMSGrid
     tabletype:  3D

Values in a single grid cell at index 55,12:

$ kmsgrid info Geoids2013\nkgrf03vel.01 --point 55 12
0.649999976158 -0.200000002980 -0.720000028610


The translate sub-command work similar to gdal_translate in that it translates from one format to another. In fact, behind the scenes, it uses GDAL to convert KMS grids to more common formats. Only a small subset of the GDAL formats available can be used with kmsgrid.

$ kmsgrid translate --help
usage: kmsgrid translate [-h] [--driver DRIVER]
                         [--creation_options CREATION_OPTIONS]
                         grid out dimensions [dimensions ...]

positional arguments:
  grid                  Binary grid file.
  out                   Name of output grid file
  dimensions            List of dimensions in output grid, e.g. "1 2"

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --driver DRIVER, -d DRIVER
                        Output format. Currently supports: GTiff, GTX, NTv2
                        Additional GDAL creation options. Must be formatted
                        as "PARAM1=foo PARAM2=bar".

Translate the DVR90 geoid grid to GTX format:

$ kmsgrid translate --driver=GTX dvr90g2013.01 dvr90.gtx 1

Translate the NKG velocity model to two grids, one for the horizontal part in NTv2 format and one for the vertical part in GTX format:

$ kmsgrid translate –driver=NTv2 nkgrf03vel.01 nkgrf03vel_xy.gsb 1 2 $ kmsgrid translate –driver=GTX nkgrf03vel.01 nkgrf03vel_z.gtx 3


This is just a simple example of how the API can be used:

from kmsgrid import KMSGrid

# print some useful info
grid = KMSGrid('dvr90g.2013.01')
print('Dimensions of grid: {0}'.format(grid.dims))
print('Datum of grid: {0}'.format(grid.datum))
print('Bounding boix of grid: [{0}, {1}, {2}, {3}'.format(
    grid.lonmix, grid.latmin, grid.lonmax, grid.latmax))

# convert grid to a TIFF file
grid.export(filename='dvr90.tif', dimensions=1)


Clone the repository from GitHub and run the following command in the local repository folder:

$ python install

Alternatively kmsgrid can be installed from the Python Package Index with pip:

pip install kmsgrid

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