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A Kotlin kernel for Jupyter

Project description

# Kotlin Kernel

This is a small Jupyter kernel wrapping the Kotlin language.

The only reason for it’s existence is, that I could not get [ligee’s Kotlin kernel]( (is it the official Kotlin kernel) to work. That could be build and installed but was always crashing as soon as I created a new notebook.

## Installation

To install the kotlin_kernel from PyPi:

`bash pip install kotlin_kernel python -m kotlin_kernel.install `

To work on this code directly, you may want to:

`bash git clone cd kotlin_kernel pip install . python -m kotlin_kernel.install `

## Dependencies

This kernel requires that you have the Kotlin CLI tools installed on your computer. Currently, I only tested this kernel on MacOS, where I installed Kotlin and kotlinc-jvm via [homebrew](

Anyway’s, this kernel should work on any system on which kotlinc-jvm is installed and added to the PATH.

The reason for this dependency is that this kernel is a really slim wrapper around the Kotlin REPL via peexpect.

## Using the Kotlin Kernel

Notebook: The New menu in the notebook should show an option for an Kotlin notebook.

Console frontends: To use it with the console frontends, add –kernel kotlin to their command line arguments.

That should be it…

## TODO:

  • I am planning to add support for a configuration file, so that a classpath for the kotlinc-jvm session can be set.

  • I started investigating integration of the [Kotlin language server protocol implementation]( for code completion.

  • Support streaming results. Currently, results of stuff like generateSequence(0) { it + 1 }.forEach { println(it) } cannot be displayed (neither stopped, support that too :))

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