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KSS jsMath plugin

Project description

KSS plugin package “kss.plugin.jsmath”

Installation and Setup

Read INSTALL.txt


kss.plugin.jsmath enables the use of the jsMath library with KSS.

jsMath has its own markers for marking the beginning and end of the formulas in your text content. In addition, this component provides a KSS action, that needs to be executed on the nodes, within which you want the conversion to be enabled. This action will activate the conversion on the selected areas only.

For example the following rule activates conversion inside all nodes that are marked with the “mathcontent” CSS class:

.mathcontent:load {
    action-client: jsmath-activate;

You can use this, for example, to enable seamless conversion of the view of any of your widgets. In Zope, you can activate this for certain fields of certain or all content types, with a properly choosen selector.

Since the conversion only affects the view results, the mechanism works all the same, independently if the field is edited as a text area input, or with an editor (like kupu). In the editor, you are able to edit the LaTeX markup directly.


jsMath offers more variants for marking your content, these are controllable by parameters on the action. According to defaults, putting the formula between the markers \( and \) works out of the box:

\( \textstyle \sqrt{x+2}\quad \underline 4\quad \overline{x+y}\quad x^{\underline n}\quad x^{\overline{m+n}} \quad \sqrt{x^2+\sqrt{\alpha}} \)

The markers only become active in the areas that you select with KSS.

Dynamic loading

jsMath has a mechanism for loading its large javascript dynamically, on demand. The package uses this mechanism combined with custom code that helps dynamic loading integrate with KSS.

The following javascript files:


will be loaded dynamically, if you selected any conversion with KSS in your page. This will cause a little delay before the first conversion takes place but makes sure that the large javascript is only loaded when needed. The works seamlessly in practice, because the loading and the conversion takes place asynchronously and it does not block access to the page from the browser.

However, it is also possible to include these resources statically in the page header, as well. In this case the resources will be used at once and will not be loaded dynamically. You may choose this method, if you find it increases overall performance on your site.

Browser compatibility

jsMath is famous for working on all browsers including all the ones that are supported by KSS. However if you find that the plugin fails in your browser, please report the bug so that we can attempt to fix it.


Since the conversion happens on client side, you will not be able to use the same mechanism to convert your pages to PDF, on the server side.


Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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kss.plugin.jsmath-1.0.2.tar.gz (3.9 MB view hashes)

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kss.plugin.jsmath-1.0.2-py2.4.egg (9.2 MB view hashes)

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