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A library for creating and printing labels for Brother P-Touch devices

Project description


Labelprinterkit is a Python3 library for creating and printing labels with Brother P-Touch devices. It was developed for the Networking department of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

Labelprinterkit's simple layout engine can be used to create simple labels:

from labelprinterkit.backends.usb import PyUSBBackend
from labelprinterkit.printers import P700
from labelprinterkit.label import Label, Text, Box, Padding
from labelprinterkit.job import Job
from labelprinterkit.constants import Media
from import Page
from PIL import Image

# Create text for the label

text1 = Text(45, "First line", 'comic.ttf', padding=Padding(0, 0, 1, 0))
text2 = Text(25, "Some text", 'comic.ttf')
text3 = Text(25, "Other text", 'comic.ttf')

# Insert Text into boxes
box1 = Box(45, text1)
box2 = Box(25, text2, text3)

# Create label with rows from above
label = Label(box1, box2)

# Create job with configuration and add label as page
job = Job(Media.W12)

# Create a page from a Pillow image and add it to the job
image ="1", (70, 200), "white")
page = Page.from_image(image)

# scan for a USB printer using the PyUSBBackend
backend = PyUSBBackend()
printer = P700(backend)

# Print job

To use a Bluetooth connection:

  1. pair your device
  2. specify the serial device node when instantiating the printer:
printer = GenericPrinter(BTSerialBackend(dev_path='/dev/ttyS8'))

The following printers are currently supported:

  • Brother P-Touch PT-700 (aka P700)
  • Brother P-Touch PT-750W (aka P750W)
  • Brother H500
  • Brother E500

The following printers have been tested to mostly work, although not officially supported (their protocol is similar, although not identical):

  • Brother P-touch CUBE Plus PTP710BT

The following backends are currently supported:

  • USB Printer Device Class via PyUSB
  • Bluetooth Serial connection via PySerial
  • Network connection via TCP

The official source of this repository is at Pull requests and issues are also accepted on github at

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