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flask like web framework for AWS Lambda

Project description

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Python routing mini-framework for AWS Lambda with optional JSON-schema validation.


  • lambda_handler function constructor with built-in dispatcher
  • Decorator to register functions to handle HTTP methods
  • Optional JSON-schema input validation using same decorator

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Install the package from PyPI using pip:

$ pip install lambdarest

Getting Started

This module helps you to handle different HTTP methods in your AWS Lambda.

from lambdarest import lambda_handler

def my_own_get(event):
    return {"this": "will be json dumped"}

##### TEST #####

input_event = {
    "body": '{}',
    "httpMethod": "GET",
    "resource": "/"
result = lambda_handler(event=input_event)
assert result == {"body": '{"this": "will be json dumped"}', "statusCode": 200, "headers":{}}


See docs for documentation and examples covering amongst:

Anormal unittest behaviour with lambda_handler singleton

Because of python unittests leaky test-cases it seems like you shall beware of this issue when using the singleton lambda_handler in a multiple test-case scenario.


Use the following commands to install requirements and run test-suite:

$ pip install -e ".[dev]"
$ black tests/ lambdarest/
$ rm -f
$ pytest --doctest-modules -vvv

For more info see Contributing...




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