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LaTeX Jinja2 i18n utilities.

Project description

latex-ji18n (LaTeX + Jinja2 + YAML = i18n)

Set of tools to render LaTeX documents in multiple languages using Jinja2 Python library and some conventions inspired by jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin.

So you have a LaTeX document that you want to internationalize. The first step is convert your project in a template. Using latex-ji18n command line tool, you can render YAML files into LaTeX Jinja2 templates.


You need a pdflatex binary available at your system PATH. Then run:

pip install latex-ji18n

Separation of data, style and layout

Next structure of directories is the workflow that imposes this utility working with it:

 ├── _config
 │   ├── data.yml
 │   ├── layout.yml
 │   ├── style.yml
 │   └── _private    (optional)
 │       ├── data.yml
 │       └── layout.yml
 ├── dist
 │   ├── en.pdf
 │   ├── es.pdf
 │   └── fr.pdf
 ├── _i18n
 │   ├── _private    (optional)
 │   │   └── es.yml
 │   ├── en.yml
 │   ├── es.yml
 │   └── fr.yml
 └── src
     ├── template.tex
     ├── assets.jpg
     └── references.bib

The process is simple, you write your replacements in src/template.tex Jinja2 template file with \BLOCK{} and \VAR{} syntax, write your data or options inside _i18n/ and _config/ folders YAML files, run latex-ji18n to compile the PDFs and you will see each one for each language in dist/ folder.

Convention for separate data files

  • _private/: Directories that stores all the sensitive data that you don't want to include, for example, sharing your repositorie with GIT. This folders are totally optional. Inside each one, you must keep the same files structure that in _i18n/ and _config/ directories.
  • data.yml: Data that you want to include in the context, at the root of the dictionary, common to all languages. All the fields stored here are included at the root of the context. You can't include the fields layout nor style in the root of the context for data files.
  • layout.yml: Designed to store some layout options for the template. Fields stored here are available for the context in the layout dictionary.
  • style.yml: Designed to store style options for the template. Fields stored here are available for the context in the style dictionary.
  • _i18n/{language}.yml: Overrides data for the context. Designed to localize your data output. An output file will be created for every {language}.yml file, with the name of {language}.pdf.

Context creation

The contexts are created updating a dictionary iterating over files in next order:

  • config/data.yml
  • config/layout.yml
  • config/style.yml
  • config/_private/data.yml
  • config/_private/layout.yml
  • config/_private/style.yml
  • _i18n/{language}.yml
  • _i18n/_private/{language}.yml

Context data is dumped following next rules:

  • All the data located in data.yml files is dumped at the root of the context.
  • Data located in layout.yml files are dumped into a layout variable at the root of the context.
  • Data located in style.yml files are dumped into a style variable at the root of the context.
  • If src/ directory contains .bib files, database entries located at this files will be available ordered by entry type at _bibdb variable at the root of the context.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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