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AWS Lambda REST ToolBox

Project description


Python 3.8+ Black

AWS Lambda Toolbox inspired by Flask. Currently supporting:

  • Event API (AWS Event Bridge)
  • Lambda API


Lambdalizator can automatically read the value of the Authentication HTTP header and transform it into the User object that is available as a part of the request. The Authentication header must contain a JWT token that will be verified using one of the configured public keys (see Configuration below). The User object will have properties corresponding to the key-value pairs from the token's data.

To enable authentication provide a value for either ALLOWED_PUBLIC_KEYS or ALLOWED_AUDIENCES environment variables.


Lambdalizator can be configured using the following environment variables:

Authorization configuration

  • ALLOWED_PUBLIC_KEYS - a list of public keys that can be used for decoding auth tokens send in the Authentication and Authorization headers. If you are using Cognito, you can use public keys from: https://cognito-idp.{your aws region}{your pool id}/.well-known/jwks.json.
  • ALLOWED_AUDIENCES - a list of audiences that will be used for verifying the JWTs send in the Authentication and Authorization headers. It should be a comma-separated list of strings, e.g. aud1,aud2. If not set, any audience will be considered valid.
  • ALLOWED_ISS - allowed issuer of JWT - Security feature. If not set, issuer will not be checked.
  • AUTH_REMOVE_PREFIXES - if enabled, all fields starting with a prefix (like cognito:) in the auth token will have the prefix removed. Defaults to False (set as "0" or "1").

Lambdalizator configuration

  • LOGGING_LEVEL - log level used in the application. Defaults to INFO.
  • LBZ_DEBUG_MODE - set lbz to work in debug mode.
  • CORS_HEADERS - a list of additional headers that should be supported.
  • CORS_ORIGIN - a list of allowed origins that should be supported.

AWS related configuration

  • AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME - defined by AWS Lambda environment used ATM only in EventAPI
  • EVENTS_BUS_NAME - expected by EventAPI Event Bridge Events Bus Name. Defaults to Lambda name taken from AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME and extended with -event-bus

Hello World Example:

1. Define resource


from lbz.router import add_route
from lbz.response import Response
from lbz.resource import Resource

class HelloWorld(Resource):

    @add_route("/", method="GET")
    def list(self):
        return Response({"message": "HelloWorld"})

2. Define handler


from lbz.exceptions import LambdaFWException

from simple_resource import HelloWorld

def handle(event, context):
        return HelloWorld(event)()
    except Exception as err:
        return LambdaFWException().get_response(context.aws_request_id).to_dict()

3. Create dev Server 🖥️


from import MyDevServer

from simple_resource.simple_resource import HelloWorld

if __name__ == '__main__':
    server = MyDevServer(acls=HelloWorld, port=8001)

4. Don't forget to unit test

# pytest
from import Client

from simple_resource import HelloWorld

class TestHelloWorld:
    def setup_method(self) -> None:
        # pylint: disable=attribute-defined-outside-init
        self.client = Client(resource=HelloWorld)

    def test_filter_queries_all_active_when_no_params(self) -> None:
        data = self.client.get("/").to_dict()["body"]
        assert data == '{"message":"HelloWorld"}'

5. Authenticate it 💂

# simple_auth/

from lbz.router import add_route
from lbz.response import Response
from lbz.resource import Resource
from lbz.authz import authorization

class HelloWorld(Resource):
    _name = "helloworld"

    @add_route("/", method="GET")
    def list(self, restrictions=None):
        return Response({"message": f"Hello, {self.request.user.username} !"})




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We are always happy to have new contributions. We have marked issues good for anyone looking to get started Please take a look at our Contribution guidelines.

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